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adam cupra 20vt
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Dec 20, 2016 at 10:50 AM
Mar 31, 2005
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Mud Hut

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adam cupra 20vt

Built Not Bought., from Mud Hut

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Dec 20, 2016
    1. nutty_merka
      Adam I noticed uve carbon fibre wraped (vinyl) your rear spoiler, I've had to go and get a new spoiler but it has a few marks on it, was wonering where you got your vinyl wrap from and how much you needed for it, I've been looking on fleebay but haven't the foggyist on how much ill need.
    2. jay050
      alright mate, i was just wondering have you had your car resprayed ?? if so what coulor, i have the same coulor leon but yours looks unreal thanks
    3. itfben
      Adam where abouts r u based? Im trying to get a convoy together for a NWdubs meet and was wondering if its not too far from you then see if u fancy it.
    4. t32er
      yea im interested mate, depends on what ya want for it etc, would prob need it posting though, my cost of course
    5. armo
      now mate, i was just looking at the bay on your cupra, same engine as mine auq? what is the big grey pipe on the right near the intake, seems to have the dv relocated to it???? looks well trick just wondered what it was for and where can i get the stuff? cheers man
    6. RichardMurkin
      hi mate noticed ur a fellow carp angler! i posted a few pics myself on the thread in the hobbies section! where abouts u fishing then?
    7. adam cupra 20vt
      adam cupra 20vt
      Nope sorry mate haven't got a clue about that kind of thing.
    8. auq
      hi mate, i had me clocks out today, now me car wont run!!!! immob problems, you know owt regarding SKC codes ect...

      nice one buddy ;)
    9. adam cupra 20vt
      adam cupra 20vt
      Hi Paul I bought them Silver and they were refurbed black. I've never seen another set like mine as all the others are not as dished and not 8.5" wide.
      They were 17kg a wheel without a tyre which is pretty heavy.
      There is a refurb guide in the car care and detailing section if you fancy a look.
    10. Paul B2010
      Paul B2010
      Hi Adam. Hope you don't mind me asking, but who did you put your trust in for those rs6 reps? And did you have them sprayed or did you purchase like in the black. Despite warnings re reps, I havent really found a reasonably priced alloy that looks as good. The first one i took nosey to, was 383 quid a wheel, so back to the drawing board! I like silver, and wondered if it was feasible to have them sprayed when a change required. How did you do it? The weight thing does concern me, because i dont want to add weight to the car really.
    11. adam cupra 20vt
      adam cupra 20vt
      I've see it mate, thanks :)
    12. wayne lcr
      wayne lcr
      adam lcr spoiler in black on ebay again mate
    13. adam cupra 20vt
      adam cupra 20vt
      I only just seen this! I went for 600k mate
    14. brightsideteeem
      alright adam, what K HID kit did you go for? Are they 6000K? I want them with a slight hint of the blue, but not OTT, so was thinking of going for the 8000K. Let us know when ya can mate so i can order them lol

    15. adam cupra 20vt
      adam cupra 20vt
      Hi Sparkie there twin 3" custon pipes, they might actually be 3.5 I not sure off the top of my head.
      Carp and Pike are from the UK.....I don't fish abroad, been fishing over 20 years now but having a break this year to do the car :)
    16. Sparkie
      Hi Adam, like the look of your tail pipes, wasn't sure of going down the twin big pipes, are yours 80mm?
      think they look good, am I wrong or are they piper? I wanted a plain 3 inch round but can't seem to find one without going fully custom, any ideas?
      ps , love fishing too Carp and pike, and sea if abroad, been doin it since a nipper, you?
    17. Rosco906
      Defo having them
    18. mhill
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