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May 27, 2010
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Jan 4, 1992 (Age: 26)
Wigan (Lancashire) & Larkhill (Wiltshire)
British Army

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Senior Member, 26, from Wigan (Lancashire) & Larkhill (Wiltshire)

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Aug 13, 2017
    1. RW20VT
      Hey, just read that message you left me aaaggess ago, im from aspull, near the reebok stadium, don't think ive seen you before round wigan, which side you from?
    2. char_baby
      Helloo, were you driving through Perham Down this evening, around 6ish?
    3. .Phase
      nothing of much interest :/
      half sprayed bump strips and clear side repeaters :/
    4. .Phase
      sorry it's sold now :/
    5. Blanco92
      I'm getting no response of the seller at all mate. I've sent e-mails through eBay and to his own customer service e-mail address, still getting no reply. There's nothing I can do through eBay either, as he is in Poland, so I think my money is gone.

      I'm pretty sure I can do next weekend if you like.
    6. Blanco92
      I've just put a pic up on my RR of how my dial insert currently looks. Still no reply off the seller.

      As for VCDS, I'm free most weekends, but not this one coming!
    7. Blanco92
      Okay mate. Hopefully you'll have more luck than me. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow to show the issues I'm having.

      How desperate are you to get rigged up to VCDS (VAG-COM)?
    8. Blanco92
      I'll keep you informed mate, no reply as of yet though.

      Of course you can use it, what do you need doing?
    9. Blanco92
      Yes mate, that's how mine are.

      I'm waiting for a reply off the seller, I've explained the problem to him. In his listing, he pictures the digits being a different size, which is what we need, but instead he seemingly sends them out the same size!

      I'm asking for either a refund, or another one as per the pictures in his listing.
    10. Blanco92
      I mean, on the mph bit of the speedo, are the 10mph, 20mph etc digits SLIGHTLY smaller than the 1, 2, 3 etc on the rev counter?

      On the dial insert I bought, the digits are the same size, which is bad, as the cluster on the car does have slightly smaller digits on the speedo than on the rev counter.
    11. Blanco92
      The backlight on the dials doesn't light up properly, some of the digits are brighter than the others.

      I'm gutted really, as with the backlight off, it looks mint! And it fits well.

      The dial insert you bought, is the font size of the digits on the speedo slightly smaller than those on the rev counter?
    12. Blanco92
      Hi mate,

      Just wondering, have you ordered a dial insert like the one I got?

      Having problems with mine. :(
    13. dan666
      27th Feb. will post up the flyer etc in a few mins
    14. stezo2k
      It's the Pioneer avh-p3100dvd, they are quite hard to get hold of these days as it's been replaced with the 3200 which is even nicer. I would highly recommend it, it's a wicked headunit
    15. Veyron
      Yeah thats it mate :)

      Couldn't find the others after days and just saw that one pop up so went for it!
    16. Veyron
      Thanks, that would be great!
    17. Veyron
      Hi mate, you got the link to the Cupra rear bumper? I can't find it on ebay, only ones on tehre are the white primered one for £240! and a yellow one for £200!

      Cheers :)
    18. Alex 17
      Alex 17
      Loads of skittles and leave it overnight , simples!
    19. mazzerati
      Your inbox is full so I'll post it here

      Chino_uk I think
      I just checked his thread its had the facelift front bumpers put on.

      Tell you what measure your light and if it's same as mine it should fit :)
      Mines 31.5 cm long :) and 3 cm wide :)
    20. techie
      Work in Kidderminster mate.
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    Wigan (Lancashire) & Larkhill (Wiltshire)
    British Army
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