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    1. Rauer
      Alright mate just a quick one, my mayes got a Wolsey splitter on his flat and we were trying to get a sky magic eye to work but it wouldn't receive power form the box so I linked the cable into his bedroom with a y splitter ( you know the cheap n cheerful ones but bothe on the outgoing side I think but still no power to the magic eye but we have power to the splitter on the incoming side any ideas, I thought it wa cause the splitter circuitry wasn't letting the volteage etc through but am now unsure
    2. pauldredge

      how can i advertise my car on here for sale?
    3. auq
      what a superb forum you have!!, ive set up a local meet in Leicestershire on the 18th of next month, and have already got loads of members attending, im overwhelmed with the freindlyness of everyone here, such a great place, im hooked! i feel i have a service to offer SCN members here, i am a custom vinyl decal designer and supplier, id like to help members who want to wrap parts in carbon fiber vinyl film as i feel im somewhat of a expert at vinyl wrapping things and the questions regarding this matter keep arising.
      ive noticed members offering services by mates in the trade to carry out these type of tasks, and i just wanted you to know what i do and can do for everyone if the need for such skills arises.
      i also could supply SCN decals for next to nothing to the website if you are interested?
      i promose i wont advertise anywhere on your forums for custom decals etc
      i also do custom airbrushing and paintwork,
      looking forward to hearing from you
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