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Jun 17, 2019 at 2:55 PM
Jun 26, 2014
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Viewing thread Coming to end of lease..., Jun 17, 2019 at 2:55 PM
    1. cypher007
      just realised ive been posting these on the visitor msg page doh.
    2. cypher007
      yeah my Leon was easy and the Audi A5 was like a light switch.

      but out mk2 Toledo is a tart when the weather is cold. I reset the cables this weekend but still not great. I think it might be the fully synthetic gearbox oil I used, thinking it would be better. after doing some research I found out the VAG stuff has certain additives in it, so that might be the cause of the mk2's probs.

      what hours do you work? I'm on lates this week so don't have to be in until 10:45, but don't finish until 8pm :( .
    3. camelspyyder
      I'm in Horncastle, so not far if you want to pop in, but I've driven lots of 1.2TSi and 1.0TSi in a variety of cars and never had a gearshift that was anywhere near as bad as yours sounds.
    4. cypher007
      its the fobbing off I'm worried about.

      when you shift into 1st does it hit a sort of notch then click into position?

      where abouts are you based as I could pop up and see what you think, if you didn't mind?

      also not getting very far with the media system. I had a look at google and it just showed some people unlocking the green service menu not much else.
    5. camelspyyder
      It sounds faulty to me - either the gearshift or the clutch not disengaging fully.
      Never been to SEAT Kings Lynn - cant be arsed driving down the A17 in that direction if I can avoid it.
      I'm sure they'll do you right.
      Regarding other dealers:
      We had a brand new Ibiza with a buggered AC compressor 2 years ago, Westgate Grimsby sorted that out fine, but when I went to Hortons Lincoln with 3 issues with the first brand new Toledo they fobbed me off on all 3.
    6. cypher007
      hello mate. well going to take it into SEAT in KingsLynn on Friday. they've already started the defensive talking, saying they will get a tech to drive it and if he thinks its normal then they wont fix it.

      went out in it on Saturday and nearly had a moment on a round about took a couple of seconds to get it into 2nd.

      do you use WhatsApp? or skype? feel like another set of eyes might be useful.
    7. camelspyyder
      He a has an order and deposit in the books from the wife. - As an existing customer, she got a flyer from Westgate telling her about the deal and it was sat on her fridge for weeks until we went up to get the cars serviced. My name is not on any of the customer documentation.
    8. cypher007
      any chance I could have your name? as Daniel is wondering.
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