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Aug 12, 2012 at 7:02 PM
Apr 12, 2007
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Hawick, Scottish Borders, Scotland
Engineering Estimator

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Craig., from Hawick, Scottish Borders, Scotland

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Aug 12, 2012
    1. MomoMK2
      if not, do you know anyone that is looking for bits? or the whole lot? cheers man.
    2. MomoMK2
    3. Mk2Ibiza
      Hi Craig. Its come to my attention that my brakes are really poor and takes ages for me to stop. As you also got a 1.4 apq motor.

      Is there any chance you can talk me through the brake upgrade you done??

      and also a list of parts and suppliers or cars i can get em off and specialist tools perhaps that i may need.

      Tried searching but no luck and didnt want to make a new thread. I never really mess about with brakes, so going to be all new to it.

      Sorry to take up your time mate.

      Hope you can get back to me.
    4. Matt-18
      Cheers, so aslong as I get a boss kit then I can fit it easy enough?
    5. Matt-18
      Hello Craig,
      Just read through your readers ride, looking good. How much was your steering wheel and was it easy to fit? I think it looks quality!
    6. suj
      where's the pics with the new wheels on craig? tut tut lol
    7. LMJ
      Ideal mate!... I practised on mirror covers. Good luck to you!... keep me updated if you'd like. :)
    8. LMJ
      How are you getting on Craig? Any pictures? :)
    9. LMJ
      What I'm saying is - the end result should be a majority of lacquer overspray - nothing much else if you can :)
    10. LMJ
      with the paint overspray - keep it to a minimum again if you can. You can lightly rub it off with 1500 wet n dry prior to lacquering it. Rub it down gently with wet n dry 1500, use plenty of water to achieve a smooth matt finish. Same story goes to the first step of priming. :) best of luck, you're welcome to ask any other questions :)
    11. LMJ
      When I say keep it minimal - try to achieve the best finish - but keep the job to a minimal, don't over do it, or don't sand too much of the area - making it a bigger job for yourself...

      DON'T tape a square section when spraying, or you get a stenciled block of colour. It's better to paper the windows, mask and paper all the surrounding panels, and about 30 - 40cm radius around the job area. No less, or you get an uneven finish if you get me?
    12. LMJ
      Keeping it smooth - and taking your time with it, that's all I can recommend over this lol. You will get there trust me :) You just need to make sure that there's no wind whatsoever when you lacquer if you dont have a garage. Any light overspray from laquering can be rubbed in with T-cut about 2weeks later. But try not to get too much overspray of Alpine white on the bodywork :) keep it minimal.
    13. LMJ
      hmm - oh deary me mate haha ;)... right well from what I can see - I'd rub it down to the primer, maybe bare metal on the arch itself - and minimal sanding on the bodywork. Re-spraying the arches is pretty easy-going, same rules apply when spraying - but they proved to be rather easy for me :)... done 2 of the 4 so far. Try sanding as minimal amount as possible off the bodywork - until you're down to a sound base. Primer gently, or you'll have a lot of overspray. Basically - you need to sand it down smooth as possible - prime a little, 2 - 3 thin coats, and constantly keeping it smooth, run your fingers over it... feeling for any imperfections - which will show after you shine the whole thing up with lacquer...
    14. abhardwaj1990
      theyre 205/40/r17....

      If I do lower I think its going to 40/40 so I will get new springs anyway, i don't think my car would get out of my garage with a 60mm drop...
    15. abhardwaj1990
      Craig, the lowering set you mentioned, would I be able to use just the shocks and change the springs? I'm not sure but I don't think I would get rubbing at a 40/40mm drop, what do you think?

      how much are you looking for them?
    16. abhardwaj1990
      do you have a picture of them? I searched on google, found a few but they're not quite what I thought they were, are they fairly small in width?

      im after something like the m3 design ones, like these:

      if not I think I'm going to be colour coding mine...
    17. abhardwaj1990
      hi mate, you mentioned that you had dtm side mirrors spare, do you still have them?
      thanks, Arun
    18. T31LUK
      hey ther i was just looking round on someones thread and noticed that you have put that you have a cupra back box on your 1.4 is it a standard cupra back box?
      or an after market one?
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    Hawick, Scottish Borders, Scotland
    Engineering Estimator
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    Mk2 Seat Ibiza
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