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Dec 22, 2017 at 5:16 PM
Jul 18, 2008
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Back in CUPRA ..... R!, from Corby

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Dec 22, 2017
    1. anz
      anz my seat leon tfsi fr 2007
      while I drive on low revs rpm drop to 800 from 1500 at 20 mph and shake some times violently same when 70 mph from 2500 to 2000.
      this happens sometimes but every day when I drive.
      I have changed spark plugs, coil pack,pcv valve, high pressure fuel pump, cam followed, breather pipe, maf cleaned.but still no luck.
      please help me
      no engine light
      nothing is showing on diagnostic machine
    2. chuckb
      All right fella, been a while. Big changes work wise for me and the missus. I sold out and have become a corporate ***** and for my sins I am now the Senior Lecturer in Sport, Public Services and Key Stage 4 provison at a College in London. Mrs B is now working in Reading so the Super Copa sits on the drive and we have bought an 07 plate 1.4 SE Ibiza DAB shit box on wheels!! Its most def a WIP and will end up as a FR Repllica!! The Super Copa is relegated to weekends now and running a respectable 273 bhp with Stage 1, ITG induction Miltek and bigger intercooler. She looks standard but is firmly an ST destroyer!

      Gotta love the Mk4 its boringly reliable has a bit of bwaaarp courtesy of decent induction and a better exhaust. Wheels are off to powder coat next month, side skirts are ordered and there is vinyl work and a front splitter to fit. Window tints on rear windows as well. I dont do standard not even for the daily Best of all it was only 3K with 49,000 on the clock and 1 owner
    3. Jamiethorley
      Ah up Jase, hows things,

      just a little update, just had the car fully serviced, new set of red coil packs and uniroyal rainport 2s all round,

      So rest assured im looking after her!!!
    4. Mikewestwood
      Hi mate i was wondering if you could help me,
      i have read in a previous post that you may be aware of the details for the boc front bumper sticker?
      is the font porsche or 911 porsha? also what is the colour as it doesnt look white in the ones iv seen and the dimensions if possible,

      Many Thanks, Kind Regards Mike
    5. jc_boc
      Nah mate. Very busy working on the car sorting the small issues I have. No shows for a while yet, think the only one I have booked so far is Bromley.
    6. Jamiethorley
      Are you going ultimate dubs next weekend in Telford, bit of a trek for you tho!!
    7. Jamiethorley
      Hey mate, hows it going?
      Still loving the cupra:)
    8. tshililow
      Hey man, a very happy New Year! Please check out our Bull run videos, the inks are under Events on 'Other Events' in the forum.
      Keep well.
    9. chuckb
      Got the REVO done at Fontaine last weekend had a week of running it and its soo much better!! They RR'd and we came back with 266bhp which I found hard to believe thats with ITG Maxogen kit as well. I got it done Tuesday and Wednesday at work (And came back wtih 258 and 258 on both days on single runs. So rather pleased!!!
    10. chuckb
      Jase, done it! Join "The big boys club" on 1st September with a white (yes white) Leon Supercopa. Got an amazing deal on the last petrol 6 speed they ever will make. They threw in mats, door kick plates and looking at it the thing has more toys and gizmos than you can shake a stick at!

      So going to do 5,000 miles and yep you got it, time to spend what I saved on some tasteful mods. Will be in touch oh great car fettler
    11. anthony37
    12. belfastchris45
      Here mate is clutch sold. If not. 480 buy it ?
    13. jc_boc
      Ja meneer, stress hier jong. Lyk my die donnerse cambelt of pulley is gefok op my kar. Het mos stage 1 gekry vandag maar to begin dit hell geraas maak. Die ou het weer standard map opgesit tot ek nou reg kry dan sal ons weer doen. Maar ek se vir jou die kar fokken wikkel met daai stage 1 sagteware hoor! Ek was moer beinderuk!
    14. anthony37
      Ja boet wat maak jy?
    15. jc_boc
      Het nie geld op die oomblik daar voor nie my maat. Toe ek laas gebel het was die ou met wie ek moet praat weg op verlof of sulka kak. Jy sal my maar weer daai besonderhede moet stuur lat ek weer kan probeer.
    16. anthony37
      lol.Ons sal sien wat gebeur! Ek wil nie te gou praat nie maar sal sien! Het jy daai pyp ge kry of het jy nog nie daar aan gedink nie?
    17. jc_boc
      hahahahahhaha you got my attention now dude!!!!
    18. anthony37
      Jamer om te hoor boet!! Jy moet vas byt, alles sal reg kom met tyd, tyd sal dit reg maak! Ek was in die selfde probleem gewees maar het dit maar uit loop sit! Nou is ek die baas!! He he he he he! Ja, jy is welkom om te kom kuier? Se maar net waneer jy op kom en ons kan n plan maak? Sal leker wees man! Ek gaan Crail toe in 2 weeke se tyd om n sekere persoon baie kwaat maak. Ek se niks vir nou nie maar as dit gebeer sal jy daar van hoor hier op Seat Forum! Watch this space.LOL
    19. jc_boc
      Nee chomma. Bietjie verandering van planne soos jy weet. Dinge tussen ek en vroulief is baie sleg en ek gaan maar loop so het die geld nodig om uit te trek. As ek die clutch kit verkoop kry dan is ek orrite. Dit beteken ek kan nog stage 2+ gaan maar sonder die clutch en diff. Sal dit maar seker op a later stadium kry lol. Moet beslis so bietjie daar kom kuier, mos lekker studente valei daar waar jy woon my maat hahahahahahha
    20. anthony37
      LOL. Nee dit gaan my goed boet!! Lekker soos n krekker!! Hoe lyk dit my bra, is ales reg boeta?? Het jy daai pyp look koop, die een waar van ek jou loop se het? :funk:
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