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May 19, 2001
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sarcasm comes free, from Fall River, NS, Canada

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Feb 17, 2019
    1. anz
      anz my seat leon tfsi fr 2007
      while I drive on low revs rpm drop to 800 from 1500 at 20 mph and shake some times violently same when 70 mph from 2500 to 2000.
      this happens sometimes but every day when I drive.
      I have changed spark plugs, coil pack,pcv valve, high pressure fuel pump, cam followed, breather pipe, maf cleaned.but still no luck.
      please help me
      no engine light
      nothing is showing on diagnostic machine
    2. flashp
      Hi, I recently posted an ad for some Brembo calipers but it's not appeared yet. It's been a few days and I wondered if the ad was as required or if I needed to re-submit it.

    3. Jp kelly
      Jp kelly
      Can u put my sale thread back on? Il stick my number on. Just thought people wud message me
    4. Paul0988
      Hi mork i posted my car for sale earlier today, but i noticed that other cars were posted, now i just reminded that i may have forgot to put in contact details but was wondering if it could be posted, then i could edit it and input the details straight away. i spent a lot of time to get it sorted out today, if you could do this that'd be great . thanks Paul
    5. Yaboy
      Hi mork I recently placed an ad in the parts section but it is not listed I forgot to add contact details so if u list it I will update right away
    6. krussel

      I ve recently made 3 youtube videos covering 3 issues that I ve had with my Mk4 Ibiza. 1. The rear washer. 2. The rear boot handle. 3. The removal of front wing foam.

      Now I ve used a SeatCupra logo on the thumbnail and left a link to my own posts on the forum for further reading. I also plug the forum and recommend people to take a look.

      I was just hoping this is within the forum rules ? Cant see that it can do any harm and may bring new members in ?. I will try to add a link here to one video here so you can check it. If you wish me to take them down then pm me and I will no probs. Finally if you think they are helpful than perhaps they could be made stickies ?

      All the best Kruss.

      video on foam removal

    7. mk2 cupra r
      mk2 cupra r
      hi i was thinking of starting a partition for tesco to bring their momentium99 fuel to northern ireland. as it stands we can only get 97ron here. could you please advise me where i could post this thread or if its allowed on this forum
      thanks :)
    8. nutty_merka
      Hello you alright my thread had recently be deleted is there anywhere on the forum where i can post such threads?
    9. dimm
      May be U can help me?
      I can not understand why - but me topic about my car is not exist: "No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator" - it's here: http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=235526

      Can U help me? I was asking you befor - but you didn't answer me...
      I want to make new posts im my topic - about tuning by Overload.

      Thank YOU!!!
    10. Ants_M

      I can acess forum from my browser ok, but tapatalk dont let log in, username and password is right. Writes to contact forum admin.
    11. kazzy
      Hi Mork, is there a section for parts for sale or wanted? :) If not there should be! :D
    12. Andy ap
      Andy ap
      Hi Mork,

      Is there a way to edit or delete a thread i've created in the cars for sale section?


    13. lee_fr
      Hi m0rk

      I've been a member on the forum for ages but always used it as a hub for information rather than posting about my car etc. I've just bought an Ibiza Cupra though and feel obliged to show people! I wanted to create a reader's ride thread but it says i can't upload photos...

      I have more than 15 posts as noted in the Forum Rules section - am i missing something or is there something else i need to do?

      Cheers in advance - Lee.
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