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Dec 3, 2017 at 9:41 PM
Apr 22, 2008
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Public transport abuser, from Manchester

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Dec 3, 2017
    1. Dirt Junkie
      Dirt Junkie
      Hi MJ, just seen the thread on the VAS coding for the rear LED tick lights. Would you mind doing mine? ive had them in a while but never heard of anyone actually managing to do them without going to a dealer.

      Cheers Andy
    2. Hamburgalarr
      Hi do you know whether SEAT is still fixing the g201 issue for free? Thank you
    3. cheshire cat
      cheshire cat
      that's a kind offer let me know how to get the money to you and I'll get on with it Paypal any good? cheers Nic
    4. scottl5690
      hi mj, just noticed the the link to the david cook motorsport page in your sig, I actualy work at omc ford not too far from there, I work with a bloke who was a tech there bout 10years ago, any how I cut to the chase lol, do you do revo maps at dcm? how much would I be looking at for a stage 1 on a Ibiza fr tsi? cheers scott
    5. Mannybee
    6. ChrisGTL
      Cheers for the birthday wishes MJ - are you still working hard @ Oldham?
    7. petrolhead55
      Hi MJ
      was told on this site you might be able to help me with an abs/traction control fault. iv got a 56plate Altea fr 2.0 tdi and getting fault code 01435 brake pressure switch . can the abs unit be repaired with a new switch or is it a case of getting a replacement one .cheers
    8. Seatmann
      Holy crap, the new nozzles are impressive, I can't believe the difference in the amount of power, the car purrs like a kitten but goes like a rocket and I haven't even changed the settings with vagcom/vcds yet.:D
    9. jonjay
      Hi James,

      Yea information was very handy, thanks a million buddy. Will keep you posted on how I get on...coming along slowly but surely.

      Best wishes,
    10. bateman fr
      bateman fr
      how do mate thanks for the help bateman fr
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