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Apr 30, 2018 at 6:01 PM
Mar 17, 2006
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North Kent

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Catch that diesel!, from North Kent

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Apr 30, 2018
    1. rorz7370
      Thanks for your help
    2. asthpsw
      Muttley Thanks again for that info. 4 years it is then. On the subject of Turning down the EGR "electronically" is there a procedure anywhere and does it vary according to engine number (mines a CBA ). I've no VAG.com or similar so I will have to ask an Independent to try & do it.
      I take it I can't in the meantime block off the vacuum line to the EGR like I did on my old 110BHP as in the new car this would throw an EL...............does it do anything else like a limp mode ?

    3. mk4 cupra
      mk4 cupra
      I have got to say u certianly know ur stuff handy person to know on this site ur posts are good an have a lot of info on them.
      People like u make this site very helpfull.

      I have got to say I throught I know quite a lot but u make my knowledge seem useless hahahahaha

      Am just good when the tools are in my hands lol
      Gla to know there's people like u an others on this site
    4. StevoTDI
      Your last message has disappeared from my inbox! The car has done 159k. It's quite a few miles but I'm confident if I replace all the right bits I should have a decent motor that'll last years. I'm just about to do the front suspension. So far from what I remember the car has had, temp sensor, relay for plugs, loom for plugs, plugs, steering rack, water pump, cambelt, clutch, alternator pulley and now front suspension! Also I've put in 6k HID's, had light clusters replaced and some bodywork done! Quite a bit of work but I've tried to do it as cheap as possible! :)
    5. StevoTDI
      Thanks for writing back. I'm trying to get to know some of the good guys on here. I'm not really after anything to be honest, except some banter and a bit of advice! It's a really good forum and well moderated. My PD has been a steady moving project for the past 12 months. 158k miles she has but with lots of things now replaced. Such a great car :)
    6. StevoTDI
      Hello Muttley, I've sent you a friend request as I have a PD150 and noticed you have put some great posts on the forum! :)
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    North Kent
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    Altea TDI 140 Sport
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    Previous cars: Mk.2 Toledo TDI 150, Mk.2 Toledo TDI 110, Mk.2 Ibiza TDI 90, Mk.2 Golf GTI, Mk.1 Golf GTI, Mk.2 Ford Cortina, several Mini's and Imps