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Myki da Pyki
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Jan 15, 2012 at 10:08 AM
Jul 15, 2007
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Myki da Pyki

Senior Member, from Bristol

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Jan 15, 2012
    1. Pyro
    2. stef cupra
      stef cupra
      hiya mate, just noticed a thread where you bought a gts. im looking to buy one once my leon is sold is there anything i need to look out for? ive been told to go for a spec 2 type m. what sort of power are they? any reliability issues? thanks alot mate!
    3. jattjoka01
      myki need to know how many ports shud be put in my sports cat? this is what the seller said' I can TIG weld a stainless 02 Sensor port in for you. £10 extra for each one you want (inlet and outlet)'

      is this the same as a lambda sensor? what sould i say to him? jsut confused really :S
    4. clinch
      Hi Mike a bit of a long shot but dont suppose you have got the spec list on your old ibiza should have saved it when the for sale add was up lol
    5. dai cupra
      dai cupra
      so just rev and it should pop and flame is there anyway of geting it to flame without reving the guts out off it lol cheers myk for ur time
    6. clinch
      cool i had a local company take a look at it the other day but they didn't tell me any thing i didn't already know ha so where about are u ?
    7. clinch
      I live in Stroud Gloucestershire i changed the drivers side sensor but it just comes up on vag com that it cant detect the abs unit ? I am totally lost with it as my knowledge on these cars is very low (used to mk2 golfs) ha That would be really good if you could give it a look over
    8. clinch
      hi mate could you tell me what the switch under the glovebox does ? Also did you ever have any issue with boost ? same as with the abs as vag com wont pick the abs unit up and traction controll and abd light are stuck on ? sorry for so many questions i just want to find out what i need to replace thanks in avance ben
    9. Rocky Rocastle
      Rocky Rocastle
      pmsl they aren't as bad as what Phil makes out (they are rather crap but they were one off's, the fur bit is just hype!)
    10. Myki da Pyki
      Myki da Pyki
      Yeh mate i tinted them myself with spray tint. Easily done mate
    11. samacus
      hey when you had ya ibiza how did you get the rear lights (black ones) or did u spray yourself?
    12. dai cupra
      dai cupra
      hey myki i spoke to mr d last nite very helpfull and very nice car was told u done his flame kit . any chance mat u can get me resistors for my bypass or just a price . that will be great help many thanks pal
    13. cupramillo
      thanks for your reply, could i have the dimensions of your old custom forge one, along with all the pipes that you used to plumb it in. That a good price they charhed you aswell.
    14. Myki da Pyki
      Myki da Pyki
      Didnt see this message in time mate sorry. Chris was there to sort you out this time lol
    15. Reuvers
      myki...little help please as I mot in 30 minutes...

      fusebox inside car is under glove box right? How does the lining come off?
    16. Myki da Pyki
      Myki da Pyki
      Yes mate Cupra went a about a month ago, was a very sad day. The Skylines getting better everyday now lol
    17. GarryGti
      Have you got rid of you ibiza mate?? how is the skyline?
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