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Mar 30, 2019 at 8:29 PM
Sep 16, 2010
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sex therapist

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Rough around the edges, from Scotlanda

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Mar 30, 2019
    1. mcd90
      Alright pal. Do you know where asda is just after the bridge off dee? Of you want I can meet you there? I think I know where I'm going lol
    2. Theonlygirl
      i am very different !! made you look though ;)
    3. Seatmann
      Lol yeh I can be a bit sarcastic, so have you got some plans for the car?:)
    4. nutty_merka
      har har very funny pal lol
    5. Seatmann
      Not yet, I'll need to stick it on a rolling road at some point, it would be interesting to find out. The guy Pete also known as drivbiwire reckons it's another 20 bhp and about 40lbs torque, you'd like him, he really knows his stuff but it's also funny sometimes on the tdiclub as he wont put up with crap but he lacks diplomacy lol, he's actually banned at the moment for being to honest.:)
    6. MJ
      good to hear buddy, you know what power they're creating?
    7. Aimez
      I am on tdi sport and ibiza owners club, also detailing world (bloody dangerous that forum end up buying stuff!) am on nwdubs but not much as London based VAG forum really and too far for me to go to their meets as they only have them Tues nights.
    8. Seatmann
      Lol I just google it, it's a better search engine and it quite often brings me back here anyway but to better posts than the site search. Bizzare
    9. B12rky
      alright mate thats my car nearly all sorted boost problem fixed aswell :) thank god! need to find the carbon canistor remove post thread now, were do you find em all ?
    10. B12rky
      now mate its a no go still getting annoyed, put a post up have a read see what you think dude
    11. Seatmann
      Don't worry about it they're not all shiny things like in the readers rides section. Some of us have rust and rattles.
    12. B12rky
      yeah had a lil look, gna check the engine bay over tomorra when it stops raining, posting some pics of my car up have a look youll see what a bag of SH!T it is haa
    13. Seatmann
    14. Seatmann
      Did you google they codes you had?
    15. B12rky
      now mate, still aint got this boost problem sorted reli driving me crazy
      gna have to check the boost piping etc and might have to take recert off aggain and check
    16. Scotty2hotty
      Haha, she will come to her senses. I'm after a few mods eventually of my own, going down the same route, new rims, lowering, preferably eibach sports. Desperate for an armrest...hopefully :santa: will provide :p
    17. Seatmann
      Will do man. Hopefully in the new year. Just have to see how the funds go.:think: The wife seems to have other priorities, I reckon she's just confused lol
    18. Scotty2hotty
      yeah I know, was just the joke from that thread :)

      Been posting in the same threads for a while, you sound like you have your head screwed on mate, see you around, post your future mods etc.

      Scotty :harhar:
    19. Seatmann
      Na man, I'm drivin a Cordy Vario on a 2000 plate 1.9 tdi in need some tlc and some mods. Badeless grill's on its way(supposedly) Going to drop it 30-40mm with some springs and do some interior stuff etc
    20. Scotty2hotty
      Hello sir...what car is it you drive? Err.....erm....a toyota priuseless
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    sex therapist
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    2000 plate Seat Cordoba Vario 1.9tdi
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    internet search
    Grew up in a cave, raised by squirrels

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