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Jul 22, 2019 at 9:24 PM
    1. ND98
      Will the 2013 CTHE Engine fit in a 2010 bocanegra will the old dsg work with the cthe heard there alot more reliable then the cave
    2. Lee1986
      Hi all I've got a seat leon mk2 2009 1.9tdi 105bhp with 111000 miles was lookin a bit more power
    3. fr lee
      fr lee
      hi I have a seat ibiza fr 1.2tsi 2014 it doesn't have auto lights but I would like to retrofit aftermarket auto light switch with sensor from China just wondering if anyone has done this and what part number would i be looking for thanks in advance
    4. Shirl beattie
      Shirl beattie
      Hi i have a Seat ibiza ive had numerous problem. Problem i have now is i have a warning light like the handbrake light constantly beeping at me. Anyone know what this means?
    5. RichyW
      Hi all. I'm new to here but this site has been a god send since I've had my mk1 cupra.
      I've got a problem with blue smoke and burning oil smell since changing to a 3" decat??
      It smoked a little bit, apparently due to secondary air pump, but now as soon as the engines warm it smokes on pulling away and coasting?? Sometimes on start up it smokes out the street but weirdly, putting it in reverse seems to be worse???
    6. Craigios
      I have a 2013 seat leon fr and 2 fault codes have appeared, p190e and p190d any one help plz
    7. Jack Stones
      Jack Stones
      Is it normal for my car to sound loudish, when being in for instance 3rd gear doing 40mph so my rpm is at about 2500, as my girlfriends car doesn’t sound as loud when I’m sat next to her compared to mine, I don’t seeing it be the exhaust or anything, or is this me being paranoid about it all?
    8. Mickeymaz14
      Hi guys new to this forum and new to Having a seat I have recently brought a seat leon mk2 ecomotive 2011 plate love the car but when I connect my Bluetooth device I can not skip song on the steering wheel or form the CD player all. The buttons work on cds and radio just not Bluetooth is. There a way to. Fix this?
      1. Jimbobcook
        Hi @Mickeymaz14 your best bet would be to get a thread opened up in the mk2 leon section where more like minded people can help out.
        Mar 18, 2019
    9. Leo Farquhar
      Leo Farquhar
      Hi, new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the torque values for the bolts on the dogbone/gearbox mount. I've got a seat ibiza 6j 1.6 tdi 11 plate.
      Any help greatly appreciated!
    10. fozzybear
      Just had a look at donnington calender and trax is on at donny in july14th with japfest on 13th,or are we waiting for vag group weekend......
    11. Llcool333
      Hi all brought a Seat Leon Cupra 280 ST 2015, only thing I hate is the infotainment sat nav system lol, is there anyway of upgrading to the ones that come on the 290 models or even 300 models or even possibly putting in the new digital dash etc ?,
      Thanks in advance
    12. Simon Hanson
      Simon Hanson
      Hello, new to the forum and new to seat! I’ve had my 2016 Leon Cupra st for 2 weeks now and really like it! The only thing that is an issue is the wheel hop! I’ve read some posts about replacing the lower engine mount and was wondering if the power flex black series will be too harsh for road use? Any advice would be much welcomed, thanks in advance.
    13. Jonathan lynn
      Jonathan lynn
      Hello. Power steering. Has it got a fuse. But where abouts shout I look
      1. Syphon
        Jan 24, 2019
    14. Jonathan lynn
      Jonathan lynn
      Hello people. I am new to this I have got a seat leon mk1 fr 1.9tdi 150pd . Went to work my car was fine. Then after that I went to my mum car was fine. When I levein my mum
      1. Jonathan lynn
        Jonathan lynn
        my diesel it’s very low. I went to fill her up . After that I fill up I was getting problems. Every time I put it 2nd 3 and 4 Then gas. It’s jumppin and laggy . Still got bost. And it’s pulling on the right that wasn’t like that before. Any idea thanks you
        Dec 7, 2018
    15. Jonathan lynn
    16. Mirza-DD
      I need help with my seat ibiza fr 2015 power steering is not working and I can’t locate 3rd connector
    17. Huffcap
      Hi Syphon
      Can you say which one of the other 3 SeatCupra.Net members with you on the photoshoot was the one from Reading. Be good to contact a local fellow member of the forum who lives close by.
    18. Syphon
      Fresh new avatar baby
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      2. walshy
        Nov 7, 2018
        Syphon likes this.
    19. reggie
      how to place a parts add on here please tia
      1. Jimbobcook
        @reggie you need to have 25 posts to be able to post an advert, we have this in place to stop spam. If you need any further help please let me know. Cheers
        Sep 7, 2018
    20. Happygolucky
      Any1 on here have a xenon driver headlight cant seem find1 anywhere! Cars 2012 any info greatly appreciated
      1. Syphon
        Hi - you're best searching the forum or contacting one of our parts sponsors (they have their own forums as well).
        Aug 29, 2018
      2. Happygolucky
        How do i go about finding a part sponsor?
        Aug 29, 2018
      3. Jimbobcook
        Aug 29, 2018
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