07788 fault code?

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    Hi all,

    Any ideas on the following?

    Few weeks ago I had esp/tyre pressure and steering wheel lights on my car. They would come and go while driving. Took it into a local specialist to have the codes read and came up with 07788 steering angle sensor g85 intermittent. Was told it was the rack so had it replaced with another and then had tracking done and was fine for just under a week. Lights back on but code was same but resistance too great. Took it back and had it looked at again. Basic settings? Was done through vag.com and took a few attempts to reset. When eventually done the car started pulling to the right FFS! Took it back and fault code still there. Since had the car all re aligned and now car doesn’t pull to right anymore and feels normal again. Was hoping ok but got lights again. Pi@@ed off now. Still got same code and (steering angle sensor) resistance too great. Got to ring the garage tomorrow some time and tell them the bad news.

    Any clues on this.



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