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1997 toledo center console lights have gone off

Discussion in 'Toledo' started by down_grunger, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. down_grunger

    down_grunger Guest

    Hi there all,

    I have a 1997 Toledo (not sure what mark that would make this). Anywho my problem is that the center console lights (the heater ones) have gone off, never to come back again, could this be a fuse problem? if so which one? I checked the fuse box for broked fuses but with no delight.
    Does anybody have any insight to my dilema? The electric window lights still light up and also the interior light along with the dashboard still are a-ok, saying that though the electric windows are playing up (they jam and are slow).

    I can live with the windows being slow, but the heater lights are becoming abit of a problem at night.

    Kind regards and thank you in advance for replies.

  2. vngtx

    vngtx Guest

    bulbs most likely gone. easy and cheap to replace.
  3. down_grunger

    down_grunger Guest

    hi there,

    thank you for the reply.

    its abit unusual, as its all 3 heater dial lights have gone, do they all operate via one bulb?

    Kind regards,

  4. Muttley

    Muttley Catch that diesel!

    Mar 17, 2006
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    1997 Toledo is a Mk.1, based on the Golf Mk.2 platform.

    From your last post I guess you mean the control illumination for the heater temperature, fan speed and vent control knobs. I seem to remember that there is just one bulb for the whole control unit, behind the fan speed knob. Unfortunately I can't find my Mk.2 Golf handbook at the moment.
  5. vngtx

    vngtx Guest

    same as ibiza dash?
  6. down_grunger

    down_grunger Guest

    the reason for it going out was that i installed a switch on the remote wire of my subwoofer (as it was draining the battery because it refused to turn itself off) and blew a fuse, i replaced the fuse but the lights still never came on. im not sure if this helps.
    would replacing the bulbs be difficult? ive never removed the center console front face before.

    im not sure if its the same as an ibiza dash. and thank you for letting me know the mark of my beloved car :)

    Kind regards,

  7. vngtx

    vngtx Guest

    if its the same as ibiza, its just a case of popping off the dial covers, undoing 4 screws and pulling the controls out to get to the bulb in the back.

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