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2010 Ibiza 1.6 tdi dpf issues

Discussion in 'VAG-COM & Diagnostics' started by J04n88, Feb 13, 2020 at 9:28 PM.

  1. J04n88

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    Hey guys, hopefully this should be a fairly straightforward one for you knowledgeable lot. My girlfriends 1.6 tdi has gone into limp mode with the coil, dpf and CEL, lights on. The code that comes up is P2458 DPF regeneration duration. I have used vcds to force a regeneration of the DPF and drove it into work tonight, about 25 miles 20 on the motorway. I ran the advanced measuring values whilst driving and met all the criteria for a regeneration to occur, but it just didn't start, all that happened was that the soot levels increased! After doing a little more research I've read it could be the DPF pressure sensor so I've just been to check that using vcds and got these results

    Key out engine off n/a
    Key in ignition on 0.0
    Engine on 0.0

    So surely that means that there's a fault with the sensor unless I'm mistaken and have missed something? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading

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