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2017 Virtual Show & Shine Competition :: Chris Knott

Discussion in 'Chris Knott Insurance' started by ChrisKnottIns, Jun 19, 2017.

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    2017 Virtual Show & Shine Competition :: Chris Knott


    Let's have a bit of fun - it's been a couple of years since we last ran a Virtual Show & Shine competition on social media so we'd love to offer one again this Summer with a fitting prize up for grabs.

    Simply post pics of your car on either OUR Facebook or Twitter for the chance to WIN a great prize - worth £156.

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ChrisKnottIns
    Post your pic, tag 'Chris Knott Insurance' in the comments (you might need to LIKE our page to do that), tag this club and use the hashtag #ShowShine2017.

    Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/ChrisKnottIns
    Post your pic, tag us in the comments using @ChrisKnottIns, tag this club and use the hashtag #ShowShine2017.

    The emphasis really is on the 'shine' this year. It may be your own interpretation of 'shine' such as 'sunshine' (maybe a pic of your car on holiday) or simply a highly polished vehicle. Be as creative as you can.

    We're really looking forward to seeing all your cars - whether they're standard or modified. And the pic doesn't have to show your whole car - it's up to you.

    We're offering an Auto Finesse detailing kit as the prize for the winning photo - 14 items of high-quality car cleaning product worth £156:

    1 x Gloss/Satin 500ml – Tyre Dressing
    1 x Waffle cloth
    1 x Lather 500ml – PH Neutral Car Shampoo
    1 x Imperial 500ml – Wheel Cleaner
    1 x Tripple 500ml – All-in-one Polish
    1 x Crystal 250ml – Glass Cleaner
    1 x Revive 250ml - Trim Dressing
    1 x Finale 500ml – Quick detailer
    1 x Duo Edgeless – Microfibre Cloth
    1 x Aqua deluxe – Drying Towel
    1 x Clay Bar
    1 x Glide 500ml – Clay Bar Lube
    1 x Wash Mitt
    1 x Kit bag

    We'll be assessing all the entries when we get back from holidays and you've had plenty of time to submit your pics. Therefore, we're looking at mid-September - the 14th to be exact and then we'll announce the winner on Monday 18th September.

    Get posting your entries and all the best!


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