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2018 Seat Ibiza Engine Undertray Part Number Request

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk6 (2017-present)' started by evilempire13, Mar 26, 2020 at 9:49 AM.

  1. evilempire13

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    Hi there,

    New to the forum and hope you can help.

    Due to some foolishly fast driving through an area of flooding my engine undertray on my 2018 Seat Ibiza has been ripped from its fixings at the front and is hanging down. From looking at the tray and the two front side plastic protectors in which the tray connects to this has totally broken the fixing holes and so it looks like I need a new undertray and also the curved side sections. Can anyone help with the part numbers for these parts, and what tools I would need to remove and replace at home. I have tried my local dealership but they have been (understandably?) slow in getting back to me.

    Sorry for the lack of technical terms but hopefully you know what parts I need. The only ones I can find on the internet cover models up to 2017. On and the car is a Seat Ibiza 1.5 EVO FR

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