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A year in..

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk6 (2017-present)' started by Matty_mk6FR, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Matty_mk6FR

    Matty_mk6FR Active Member

    Oct 23, 2018
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    I’ve had my 95PS FR for just over a year now, and thought I’d give my opinion for anyone who’s interested..

    it’s a gorgeous car to look at, I went for the monsoon grey with 18 inch alloys originally, however when they swapped to magnetic grey I wasn’t a fan, so opted for mystery blue instead. Due to this change, I would have been waiting another 2/3 months for the car to be built, however I chose to get a stock one and add the seat accessory 18 inch alloys on, which in my opinion suit the colour really well. LED lights weren’t standard when I specced the car, however I am glad I chose them as an option, as I feel they make the car stand out even more. The interior is worlds apart from its competitors, however I chose the option of having an armrest as I felt it was missing. The infotainment screen is clear and quick to respond, and looks the part. The main gripe I have with this car is the rattles coming from the plastics, which I can’t trace back to anything. And the fact it comes with wind down windows in the back, it’s 2019...
    For such a small engine, it drives really well, however I feel a 6th gear wouldn’t be a miss for motorway driving. In terms of size, it’s the perfect car for what I use it for. It’s took a family of 4 to London twice, fits a child seat in no bother, and never skipped a beat in 12 months.
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  2. camelspyyder

    camelspyyder 2 SEAT-er

    Jun 26, 2014
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    The 95/5 speed combo is easily my favourite VW group 1.0 engine.
  3. ayrshiredude

    ayrshiredude Active Member

    Dec 2, 2017
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    I have the 115 and really like the car. Yes it's not perfect but, compared to my previous Fiesta Zetec S it drives as well, is way more economical and better equipped. Thankfully I don't really get any rattles expect on very rough surfaces. I have the standard stock one but really wish I had the LED headlights but this would have been a further 4 - 5 months wait so probably not really worth it. I purchased the arm rest for under £100 and fitted it myself, really adds to the interior I think. Had it for coming up on 2 years now and not had any issues, apart from the seat belt recalls. Not sure what I will go for next but perhaps another one but this time the FR Sport???
  4. Olsun

    Olsun Active Member

    May 10, 2019
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    Hi I also have the 115 tsi dsg engine and it runs good. But im interested about the arm rest how did you do it?

    Skickat från min H8266 via Tapatalk

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