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Aftermarket wheel options...

Discussion in 'Leon Mk3 (2012-2020)' started by LBB, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. LBB

    LBB Guest

    So finally got the information that my Leon will be supplied with winter tyres... :blink:... yep, in the middle of summer! So I will want to have a set of alloys sorted out for delivery.

    My first choice is BBS CX-R. The BBS config tool doesn't list them as compatible with the new Leon, but they come in 19x8.5" 5x112 ET35. Do people think there will be problems with 225/35R19 tyres on the wheels?
  2. K22P UP

    K22P UP Guest

    I've got BBS CH-R's mate(18's) and have 225/35's without any issues to be fair....
  3. Stegor

    Stegor Active Member

    Jul 17, 2011
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    Which tyres were supplied? Sounds very strange.
  4. LBB

    LBB Guest

    I have no idea as I've not received my Leon. I don't really like any of the factory wheels so decided to buy aftermarket summer wheels.

    I asked if the car could be supplied with winter tyres on the factory wheels. The salesman was non committal when I ordered. I wasn't overly bothered about the whole thing so just let it slid. Today the dealer called and one thing they told me was that the car would have winter tyres on delivery at no cost to me.
  5. Nick100

    Nick100 Guest

    I'm I right in thinking your cars not for the UK market?

    It is good to know you can get winter tyres for the Leon.
    I will have to do it the other way around and find some cheaper wheels to fit winter tyres onto for the winter.
  6. LBB

    LBB Guest

    No, it's a UK market car.

    Yeah, but I think this is a dealership thing. I'm reasonably confident that the car will arrive from the factory with summer tyres & the dealer will swap in the tyres of choice for me. I say this as I had a choice of tyres that could be fitted.

    Yeah it depends on your budget & tastes. If I had liked the factory wheels I've got a set of steel or cheap alloys. But I have the money & wasn't really taken by any of the factory offerings, so they can take the winter tyres.

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