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Air Care Clima System - Brrrrr

Discussion in 'Leon Mk3 (2012-2020)' started by jdubya, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. jdubya

    jdubya Active Member

    May 30, 2017
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    My 2016 Leon ST FR Tech........here’s the issue - whilst on a journey (doesn’t even have to be a long one) the climate control system will not hold and maintain a constant temperature?? So one minute everything is cosy and then for no reason the interior is freezing cold at shoulder/head height. The dual zone display reads 20 but to get that temperature I have to keep turning up the temps until the cold air “stops” and then it gets hotter than a sauna.
    During this cycle I press the setup button in the fan speed control - this brings up a picture of the dash showing the heater settings and direction of the air flow from the vents. On the RHS is a button showing a seated person with some arrows and by pressing this it brings up a picture of the vehicle interior. Here it now shows Air Care Clima and “blue” cold air going across the roof throughout the interior, to switch this off (??) the ‘activation’ button top left of the screen does this however when I exit this screen the cold air cycle starts again and everybody in the car gets cold and feels a draught. HELP!!!! I have spoken to my dealer who don’t really get what I’m saying as they probably don’t spend enough time driving Leon’s continuously but this is seriously getting on my nerves and is really putting me off keeping the car. So if anybody else has or is experiencing this please get in touch - any help or advice would be much appreciated and I won’t need to drive the car in a thick coat, hat, scarf and gloves

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