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Altea - loved and riddled with problems

Discussion in 'Altea - includes XL and Freetrack' started by Freya, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Freya

    Freya Active Member

    Apr 6, 2018
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    I have a 54 plate Altea Diesel Sport
    I love this car

    So first of all, I cannot find a Workshop manual online - does anyone know of one?

    The list of problems and my suggestions
    1. Rear driver side break light keeps blowing and seems to trip all of my rear lights. Solution: check bulb holder for corrosion, check fuses, replace relay 503?

    2. No window is working (!) Solution: buy 4 window kits

    3. Battery drains overnight: I’m stuck with this one. I have replaced the battery (the previous owner had a rubbish one fitted anyway) but has made little difference

    4. Turbo needs replacing: is it worth getting a reconditioned turbo? Or should I just get a new one?

    5. Unknown clunking sound when I slowly steer left - anyone know what that could be?

    6. Mildly dented radiator. My ex hit a pheasant, how difficult is this to replace?

    I would also like to replace the radio, which I can do without connecting the stalks, but I don’t want to half a job it. How hard is it to do?

    Please advise me!
  2. robint

    robint Full Member

    Apr 12, 2006
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    1) Replace light unit is best way to go, common problem
    2) Front window regulator problems common and need mechanism changing (fun....) but rears less so - check it isn't an electrical issue rather than mechanical
    3) Search the forum for history on issues causing this - there were a few on early models
    4)Your choice
    5)Bushes are known to perish
    6)Can't help on this as haven't practised killing local wildlife....
    7)Replacing radio with other VAG or double DIN units is straightforward, forum has a fair bit of historical info.

    With all these problems and the general low cost of older Alteas would it be worth looking for another one instead??

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