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Discussion in 'INTRODUCTIONS - New Members' started by m0rk, Sep 14, 2004.

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  1. m0rk

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    May 19, 2001
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    We expect:

    • You, to have read the rules. CLICK FOR THE RULES

    • A good level of English - none of this pathetic 'txt 5p33k' and no 'wide boy' stuff where your entire sentence is based on abbreviations, innit? You have several thousand characters at your disposal, use them! No need to abbreviate.

    • We have ZERO tolerance on abuse by users. If you swear or bully another user, you're out. This includes trying to get round the bl00dy swear filter a55hole.

    • Think about what your writing before you post, you're spending time writing a witty reply or a new thread. Does anyone care? Will they care? Will they be offened? Always take some time to glance over what you have written.

    • New car posts? do we really need to read that in 5 years time? yes - we're all VERY excited that yet another person has a Cupra TDI, but in a few hours, it's just another database filler - stick it in General off topic chat so it can be sacked off in 30 days.

    • Use the search facility before you post. Incredibly, it's free for you to use. So when asking about the best way to chip your car, whether a whoosy DV will fit - or whatever - ALWAYS without exception go search before you bother asking.

    • Post in the right forum. Don't go posting a technical engine query in General - Equally the world doesn't revolve around the Leon & TDI sections. We've got almost a hundred sections to cater for your every whim.

    • Finally, don't be an eejit.

    Were happy to discuss these points with anyone, right before the bit where m0rk ban's you. ;)

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it seems people don't understand :thumbup:
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    Dec 13, 2004
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    Bumped for everyone to re-read. :)
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