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Badger5 is looking to Hire experienced mechanic/technician.

Discussion in 'Badger5' started by ibizacupra, Mar 9, 2017.

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    Jul 25, 2001
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    Badger5 is looking to Hire experienced mechanic/technician.
    Ideal applicant has experience of VAG cars, and has ability and flexibility to learn new skills.
    Skills required as part of our work include basic servicing, engine/gearbox removal, engine stripping, rebuilding, including 20v cylinder heads. Wiring, and a decent level of fabrication would be an advantage. We are a small but versatile team, building a lot of 1.8t cars and engines, for road and race use.
    Applicants would have a trial period on Saturdays to see if they are suitable and fit in with the team, and if the job suits them also. This gives a no obligation try out for those in full time employment who may wish to join our small Badger5 team.
    Those interested please send email/CV to bill@badger5.co.uk
    Many thanks
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