Baffling Throttle Body issue - help!

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    Hi guys.

    I've got an issue which I'm struggling to diagnose so I'm desperate for some guidance on the next steps.

    I have a 2002 20VT Cupra which had a top end engine failure last year. New engine sourced and is now in the car but an odd fault has arisen after fitting,

    The car won't start with the throttle plugged in. If you disconnect the tb plug, the car starts and idles and I can rev it by pushing the butterfly manually, but once the plug is connected the idle slows and eventually the car stalls.

    I've tried a second tb so i don't think it's to blame.

    Vagcom is coming up with the following faults
    P1568 (J338) throttle actuator mechanical fault
    P1579 actuator adaptation not started
    P1545 throttle valve controller malfunction intermittent

    The only thing I can think of next is that the car has spent months stood outside and has been leaking water so the inside has been steamy so I'm concerned the throttle pedal side has fallen foul of mould or rust etc. The ecu too but I'd have thought that would be sealed and if it had failed the car wouldn't run at all.


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