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Blown 1.4...

Discussion in 'Arosa' started by jimmer111, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. jimmer111

    jimmer111 Guest

    Not been on here for ages since selling my LCR, however my sister has a 1.4 Arosa which has kicked the bucket. Basically, being less than mechanically minded she let it run very low on oil (topped up when light came on but damage done) it has now failed the MOT on emissions and apparently sounds very rattley.

    Basically the question is where is the best place to get a new engine from? We have counted out taking out and rebuilding as too much time, basically just want to drop something in.

    The car is a 1.4 8v Auto, engine code is APQ.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers James
  2. Boo

    Boo The original wee beastie

    Nov 12, 2006
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    I have the same engine and haven't seen many engines come up for sale in all the years I have owned mine :eek:(
  3. m0rk

    m0rk sarcasm comes free
    Site Owner

    May 19, 2001
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    There's a few on eBay at the moment (search for VW 1.4 APQ)

    £180 is the cheapest I think.

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