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Discussion in 'INTRODUCTIONS - New Members' started by Lc9zsport, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Lc9zsport

    Lc9zsport Active Member

    Oct 7, 2017
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    Hi all!

    Joined today in hope of tapping into the knowledge of fellow Leon owners.

    I have a mk2 tfsi sport BWA engine code 112k full seat service history :)

    Recent service work done includes.

    Oil and filter change 112k
    Cam chain and tensioner change 111k (just in time looking at old tensioner :s)
    Rocker cover gasket changed 111k
    Cam follower changed 111k
    Passenger driveshaft changed 111k
    N80 changed 111k
    Drive belt was done at 90k (few more miles on that hopefully?)

    Modifications include

    Full LED lights interior & exterior
    Square number plates front and back
    De badged honeycomb grill
    Oversized Ram Air induction kit
    Decat and downpipe (not fitting until rest of system is purchased)
    Heko wind deflectors (marmite)

    Future upgrades planned for engine

    Polyurethane mounts
    Cupra R front disks and decent pads
    R8 coil packs
    Rest of exhaust non resonated
    Upgraded fuel pump (s3 will suffice from what I've read)
    Front mounted intercooler
    Short shifter
    Stage 3 clutch and flywheel
    Custom map to see figures of about 270/270 hopefully

    Desired cosmetic upgrades

    BTCC kit possible central exit exhaust (not completely sold on that yet)
    Rear lights with ticks
    Front splitter of some sort
    Rear roof spoiler
    Rotiform SPF wheels 19"

    Desired handling upgrades

    Coilovers with decent top mounts and strut braces
    Polyurethane bushes all round
    Anti roll bars front and rear
    Anything else I find to be beneficial:)

    I'm definitely not made of money and have 2 kids and a mrs to further drain my resources lol. So realistically to achieve my goals with this car, I've planed it all over the next couple of days........... If only!! Like everyone I'll just got to my pocket and be patient.

    Thanks for reading guys and girls, I look forward to conversing with everyone and eventually improving some of you're bank balances



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