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Breakdown! Yellow warning lights and parking beep!

Discussion in 'MK4 Toledo' started by Smileyman, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Smileyman

    Smileyman Active Member

    Aug 9, 2017
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    Sad tale. Setting off for work and the moment the ignition button was pressed mayhem. The parking sensor bleeped, engine ran badly and 3 warning lights remained on, together with the yellow triangle indicating there is a problem. The ESC, Tyre Pressure and EPC lights. I switched off the engine and checked the tyres, no visible problems, re-started the engine, switched off the parking sensors and gently increased revs. Drove to work like this, no stop-start, no cruise control, hill-hold, OBC refused me access to re-set the tyre pressure monitor.

    Spoke to selling dealer, fully booked for 2 weeks, so booked into another local dealer for later this week. Worse still coming home, the engine management light also remained illuminated. Left the car at the office - now reduced to train & bus travel which is always a slower option.

    Hopefully it's nothing more than a sensor somewhere, and will be covered by warranty. !'ve driven 26k miles in 14 months and have booked the car in for service already mid-November.

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