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    I am proud to introduce Chester SEAT as the new dealer for Chester. We are currently in a transition stage of changing from a chrysler jeep dealer to SEAT which for us is a fantastic move.
    We are still very much a Newbie dealer so be gentle with us. We have all the latest diagnostic hardware and latest tools (some of which we are still finding out what they do!!:D
    We were supposed to be having an open weekend this weekend but due to the weather we are postponing till next weekend 23rd and 24th january 2010, we have the SEAT WTCC car on site all weekend and are giving away SEAT prizes such as cups hats pens etc etc and have a prize draw for a casio SEAT sport watch retailing at £175.
    Everyone is welcome the more the merrier and by then we will have a showroom full of cars and all the latest spec cars including an Ibiza Cupra and FR Leon Cupra and FR and a wide selection of used stock.
    We are a family run dealership and have been with jeep since 1983 and we are hoping to build up a reputation for not being your usual dealer and offering something a little more personal.
    I look forward to seeing you at the weekend if you can attend.
    many thanks
    Jeff Borg
    General manager
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    Good luck:)
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    now closed

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