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Climate Control/Air Conditioning repair centres (Surrey)

Discussion in 'Leon Mk1 (2000-2006)' started by Rickyj, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Rickyj

    Rickyj Guest

    My LCR's air con has given up the ghost. Have been looking through the posts here, and have found that it could quite possibly be a compressor problem. I have had it checked for leaks and regassed to no avail. I am therefore looking for a compentant air con engineer in the Surrey area (Caterham preferably) to give a diagnostic and repair.

    The quotes are coming around £45 - £100 for the diagnostic check, and between £600 and £800 for the repair, if the compressor has failed, and spread it's contents around the system:cry:

    I am after some recommendations though, as always like to go with people that have been recommended for car work.:help:

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.

  2. Cyclone

    Cyclone Guest

    With the engine off, can you easily turn the compressor drivewheel? Does it feel like it's seized?

    I tried http://www.carairconsos.com/ he was quite good, although couldn't solve my problem which could be a control issue. (See my other recent posts!) He came to me the other side of the hill in Coulsdon, so presumably would come to you too?
  3. Rickyj

    Rickyj Guest

    Much appreciated. I have actually found someone who appears to be knowledgable, and am awaiting a call back later, as he was going to try and tie it in with other visits to the area.

    Incidentally, my clutch seems to be spinning when the air con is engaged (it is not spinning when the air con is off).

    Will try turning the drive wheel in a bit, and am going to see if the nut has worked loose. (it is still there).

    Thanks for your help.
  4. Rickyj

    Rickyj Guest

    Well it is easy enough to turn, and the bolt appears to appear tight, so I think the compressor is shot.:cry:
  5. Cyclone

    Cyclone Guest

    Hmm.. my compressor turns fairly easily and doesn't stick, and the guy that came to me said it felt fine.

    You also said that your magnetic clutch engages, whereas mine just doesn't! :(
    Think mine could be an electrical problem somewhere...:confused:
  6. Rickyj

    Rickyj Guest

    If only it could be easy:confused:

    Are you ever in Coulsdon in the day? Maybe we could see if the air con engineer could look at both the cars on the same day, so that we could get a reduced rate possibly? Have you tried looking at the all info available through the control module? i.e. temps etc?
  7. Cyclone

    Cyclone Guest

    I think I've looked at as much as I can, but it's a bit difficult to understand the codes sometimes. Also doesn't help that as the compressor isn't spinning, none of the values change when I push the Air-Con button, so I can't really see what it's up to.

    Have PM'd you.

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