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clocking a TD05 for underslung JS mani

Discussion in 'Badger5' started by ibizacupra, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Jul 25, 2001
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    Had a TD05 sent for modifying to fit a JS underslung manifold.
    From the as supplied std unit you need to rotate the chra to hotside and also rotate the comp housing to chra also..
    On the hotside it involves redrilling a hole to locate the pin which secures the chra to the hotside 180 degree's
    On the comp side, there is also a dowel which pins the backplate to comp housing, so you need to file a half moon in the new position, which is approx 15 degrees rotated, and refit the big circlip (arse of a job the circlip)

    Now what you now have is a correctly clocked unit, BUT you no longer have anything to bolt the actuator onto, as the 2 lugs which it used to bolt to now face 180 degrees opposite, block side. The fix for this is to replicate the bosses and weld them onto the compressor housing in the new correct location.

    Pictures below for those contemplating such a mod when their IHI's expire and a TD series is considered as a replacement - Note this is on underslung manifold installations only. (aka Jabba's and copy kits there of)

    Pix below:


    Positioning Actuator where it now needs to bolt on.. but now needs bosses to attach to. Boss M8 threaded internal, 17mm Od is what I made up, quick file to profile them to the housings contours and welded them onto the housing.

    mounted/clocked TD05
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