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Clutch Repairs Edinburgh Suggestions

Discussion in 'SEAT brand general discussion' started by mpgscott, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. mpgscott

    mpgscott Active Member

    Nov 11, 2009
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    Hi Folks,

    Anyone recomend a decent garage or mechanic in or around Edinburgh to repair my clutch? Likely the slave cylinder needing replaced so if its out might get the clutch changed as well.

    Cheers for help as normal
  2. Seastormer

    Seastormer Cupra 280/CBF1000

    Apr 25, 2014
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    Billy MacLeod at the Arcari's Ice Cream factory on the Wisp Edin (he operates out of the garage at the back) looked after my van and cars for years, great mechanic and very reasonable too. 07759495065 or 01316695937 (Factory and ask to get put thru to Billy)
  3. Crossthreaded

    Crossthreaded Senior Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Sorry for not replying earlier. I've been deeply into my Fiat "stuff" lately and haven't been on here for a while. Been a bit worried about my laptop too as I thought I might have some malware on it but I think I'm probably ok? I hope, fingers crossed! Going to order some Fiat stuff from Shop4parts (my preferred supplier of all parts Fiat) on line in the next few days so if my bank account gets cleaned out I suppose I'll know I'm not! (ok that is)

    Anyway, although I look after the "Family fleet" for all the simpler repairs and servicing if something beyond me comes up with a VAG product I go to AVW Autocentre on the south side at 405 Gilmerton road. (opposite the Aldi) They are an independent Audi/VAG specialist and have done work on my older boy's Fabia Scout 1.9tdi very much to our satisfaction and much more cheaply than the main agent. (Big plus for me too is that you can discuss the whole thing with a "spanner wielder" who knows what he's talking about - can't do that at the flashy main dealer can you). When my younger boy's Escort ran a front wheel bearing I stripped out the hub and took it in to them. They removed the old bearing and pressed in the new one for me - the charge was very reasonable indeed. Definitely good people to know. My 2016 Ibiza ST will be going there if I run into something I can't manage. In fact as I'm not too sure if the Ibiza is going to be a "keeper" I may just let them do the servicing too so I've got a book full of stamps if I decide to sell. I've also had very useful technical advise (especially when I was having annoyingly intermittent starting problems with my old 1.9 tdi Cordoba Vario. Turned out to be the notorious 109 relay, just as they said it would be!)

    As I mentioned above I'm also into Fiats (Puntos and Pandas). I'm old and a bit "creaky" so lifting gearboxes in and out, or conducting other heavy weight operations, on my driveway is becoming a bit difficult for me. I live in the north of the city not far from the docks and I use Kenny Harrisons garage at 74 Jane Street (on the trading estate). He put a clutch in the Panda for me last year and sorted out the hydraulics at the same time. He made a lovely job of it. I've spoken with him a lot and with other staff and been very impressed. Good honest down to earth, no fancy polished floors here, type family garage. Although they specialize in Fiat/Alfa stuff there is always a wide range of vehicles being worked on when I've been there.

    Sorry if this is a little bit late for you mpg, but perhaps it'll be of use to others.
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