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Condensation in your Headlights.... Easy Fix.

Discussion in 'Leon Mk1 (2000-2006)' started by Sparkie, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Sparkie

    Sparkie Angling Adict.

    Sep 25, 2009
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    As per the title,
    here’s a quick fix for your steamed up head lights.
    Found the cure when one of my headlight clips had disappeared ( when changing charge pipe), which had then let in the damp.
    Not wanting to wait until summer to get it sorted I did the following.
    Ordered some Cilicia Gel sachets in 5g size. Cost a couple of quid.
    Slipped five of them into the back of the light housing amongst the back of the bulbs.
    ( I have LED’s)
    I wasn’t sure if it would have any effect, as the condensation was at front on the glass and gel packs were right at the rear of the housing.
    Sealed up the back again and left it for 4 days.
    Forgot they were in there and drove for half n hour with lights on.
    ( think this improved things further as it dries out the Cilicia quickly too. )
    End result. Crystal clear headlight with absolutely no condensation.
    Word of caution I would use 10g bags and use 3.
    I lost a bag deep inside the light and needed long nose forceps to retrieve it.
    All in all well chuffed.

    Pic for your pleasure,

    Badger5 Custom Map + TIP,
    3”Custom exhaust, FMIC, Bosh 550’s, BC Coilovers, ARB’s +loads more.
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  2. BigJase88

    BigJase88 Jase

    Nov 21, 2018
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    just incase anybody trying to find some
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