Conduct towards SCN Moderators.

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    We have selected a number of new moderators to look after the general topic areas and the SEAT Model specific sections. We are running it as a bit of a trial to start with to see how things go, we may require extra moderators in the future.

    I've made this post just outline something important.

    The moderators are helping us all out. They are members just like everyone else, but they are simply helping us the admins enforce the rules we set out on the forums.

    By keeping the forum moderated we keep the content, fresh and interesting for everyone to enjoy.

    The moderators have some guidelines to work to, and have us as their backup with any tricky situations.

    However occasionally moderators may make mistakes. This is not a excuse to give them abuse or argue with them over a moderation decision. From their point of view they are carrying out our rules. So if you have a problem its with us the Admins.

    If you have any reason to complain about a moderation decision, you direct it at one of the Admins and appeal it.

    Any unwarranted abuse towards the moderators will result in a warning or even a ban.

    SCN Administrators

    If you want to know who your admins and moderators are, click the View Forum Leaders at the bottom of any open forum page.

    Or click this link - FORUM LEADERS

    Note that some of our sponsors also have moderation rights in their own sections, but nowhere else.
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