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Convoy to Dundee

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by supercopaPJD, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. supercopaPJD

    supercopaPJD Active Member

    Mar 13, 2015
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    Morning folks.
    As part of SCOTTISH LEON OC admin team, I'd like to post and invite to everyone on seat Cupra.net to a VAGcom meet.

    Where?: Bell Street carpark, Dundee
    When?: this Saturday!! (24/10/15)
    With?: Scottish Leon OC (find us on Facebook)
    Time?: 7pm

    As I am from Midlothian area, I will be arranging 2 meeting points for everyone south of Forth Road Bridge to join the convoy to Dundee.

    Meeting place 1: Tesco Store in eskbank, Dalkeith
    4:15pm to leave at 4:30pm SHARP!

    Meeting place 2: Tesco Store in South Queensferry, Edinburgh.
    5pm to leave at 5:20pm SHARP!

    Be great to meet new people and see some new cars, we aim to have regular meets monthly with a collaboration with The Dub Side.

    So get involved and feel Free to find me on Facebook, add me and give me a mail with any questions or queries.

    Paul Dorans
    SLOC Admin

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