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Cupra 290 (2018/19) no dsg farts

Discussion in 'Leon Mk3 (2012-2020)' started by ZionLiam, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. ZionLiam

    ZionLiam Active Member

    Dec 4, 2018
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    Hi everyone,:wave:
    I feel like this has probably been discussed in another thread, however after 1300 miles on my 2019 cupra 290 im still getting no dsg farts or pops when in cupra mode. The only time I get any form of exhaust pops is when im sitting in neutral (DSG) and rev the engine to 4k (ive linked my youtube video of it actually popping). Is anyone else experiencing no dsg farts or pops in cupra mode? ive even tried the whole 70% throttle 5k rev gear change method and im still getting nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

  2. Craig Elliott

    Craig Elliott Active Member

    Dec 28, 2018
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