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Cupra 300 ST stolen this morning

Discussion in 'Leon Mk3 (2012-2020)' started by Cheeseater, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Maypack

    Maypack Ambassador for Cumberland Sausage

    Apr 20, 2014
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    How very true!!!
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  2. Kenton

    Kenton Active Member

    Jun 19, 2018
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    Any property owner or occupier has a duty of care to anyone that may enter/come on to said property, regardless of that individuals intentions, proven or otherwise. There will never be an exhaustive list, as every case is different. An example of where you may fall foul as the owner/occupier, is using anti-climb paint and failing to erect warning signs or using it at such a low height as to bring it into contact with someone who hasn't climbed/scaled the obstacle.
  3. surrealjam

    surrealjam Active Member

    Jan 8, 2015
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    Yes, this makes sense as I wouldn't expect people to deliberately make their properties dangerous. Bit different to the example of someone falling over in the porch though :cop:
  4. adamant

    adamant Active Member

    May 13, 2014
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    sorry to hear your news!!! even if the police catch the dirty scum - nothing will happen to them!

    one thing I do - I have an old Iphone that is on constant charge (routed a cigarette lighter/charge point in the boot)
    this has a sim card in (pay as you go) and has Life 360 installed

    this way I can check where my car is at all times (+ the wife if I choose to) - via Iphone and life 360.
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  5. LouG

    LouG Active Member

    Dec 1, 2017
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    What if you don't have stairs?
    Our law is based on yours, it allows for the use of reasonable force to protect your life or that of others. If a crim threatens you with a knife, you can shoot him. If you are old and frail and he threatens to beat you to death, you can shoot him. It's all a matter of degree, and your belief at the time of the nature of the threat.
    We have plenty of precedents here, the Police have charged many people with manslaughter over an act of self defence, juries have acquitted most of them. One such was a gun shop owner who shot a feral who tried to steal guns while armed with a machete. They couldn't charge him over the shooting, so they charged him with firearms offences. The jury laughed it out of court.
    I'd be damned if I'd lie down for scum like that if I had any chance to fight back.
    You guys seem to be PC'ed into submission.
  6. Blowski

    Blowski Cupra 280 DSG

    Mar 23, 2018
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    For me it’s more that I, or my wife might end up dead, seriously hurt or disfigured for a car and house that are insured.

    My wife and I are also insured but I’d prefer her to still be around more than my Cupra

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  7. AndrewJB

    AndrewJB Friend to SEAT UK & Cupra Racing

    Aug 16, 2007
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    Sash jammers are brilliant but they have some issues, firstly you cant put them across when your out, I work nights so the missus doesn't put them across so I can get in, in the morning.

    Also the other day one of mine decided to slip over the door once I closed it, next morning had to shoulder barge my own door!

    When I'm not at work thought they go on every night.

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