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CUPRA brand thoughts and comments by this Thursday

Discussion in 'CUPRA Brand General Discussion' started by Syphon, Jul 23, 2019.

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  1. Syphon

    Syphon SCN Admin
    Site Owner

    Feb 28, 2002
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    We've got a chance to give some feedback to the CUPRA team who are visiting the UK this Friday. Please can you let me have any constructive thoughts / feedback that I can pass on.

    Think about pricing / finance deals
    Range of cars coming
    Brand awareness

    Please do so by Thursday 25th.


  2. As a dedicated modder my list is very specific to people like me, however in my view the Cupra Brand should be about cars that offer good all round handling with the ability to extract much more power.

    1/ Garage Servicing.

    We have seen under the Seat Brand a large number of garages that do not understand how to service the Cupra cars

    Big area's of worry have been around the DSG Service (dealers are used to the DQ200 Box and dont understand the wet boxes (6 & 7 speed)
    Front Dif and 4wd Full Haldex servicing they are oblivious to when it should be done.

    I would want to see a better class of support from the dealer network who should fully understand these cars much better than they do currently.

    1a/ Component Protection

    Very happy that the Component protection system is in place but I would like to see Cupra Dealers able to offer a number of upgrades after purchase of the car, whilst they can do it today currently there is either no knowledge of the process or willingness to get involved from what I have see on this site.

    2/ Engine Modifications - Up to Stage 1

    There are few high class tuning companies out there, along with a lot of back street boys who have no idea what they are doing.

    I would like to see an Stage One upgrade - Both as a factory order or added via the dealer network afterwards but importantly covered by the cars existing warranty.
    I am pretty sure that you would get full support from a number of the multi national companies to offer this service if you did not want to build it yourself, and I know that a few of them are trying in the background to get this with VW.

    And there is certainly a market for Stage 2 & 3 modifications which I would not expect full warranty but maybe at least give a clear understanding to users if they buy through the Cupra Network then what is still covered.

    3/ After Market body styling and Engine add on's

    Today there is a large market for after market spoilers (front rear and side) along with Wheels, Turbo Inlet setups and dog bone mounts.

    I would like to see Cupra Approved items that users can purchase post delivery to customize there cars, if you follow this site you will see a lot of history of people doing this to the whole range of cars.

    4/ Tyres

    Stock Seats (and VW's) come with tyres that are bought in bulk at a price, I would like to see better rubber being offered as either and optional extra or preferably as standard (and i accept you pay for that in the price) because the MK3 has suffered with wheel spin and bad engine hop due to poor stock tyres.

    I have deliberately left out Exhaust's as I suspect over the short term European legislation is going to demand cars to be less noisy, my only comment would be to provide a much better soundtracker that is currently offered as other manufacturers do have them.
  3. One other thought, this is supposed to be a sports marque it would be good to see more and or better advertised Cupra track events for both the Pro's and also the amateurs as we have a lot of people on here who track there cars.
  4. And this one I have picked up from the Who has ordered a Cupra, where the heck is my ST.

    1/ Europe seem to have more options when ordering new cars and a lot of the things that guys in the UK Would like are not available to order it would be nice to have a more consistent approach on what you can get.

    2/ Delivery times have been and still seem to be poorly communicated / updated
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  5. Maypack

    Maypack Ambassador for Cumberland Sausage

    Apr 20, 2014
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    I’ll agree with this. We in the UK would like the same options that they have in mainland Europe. One point in case is the wheels that were available on the CUPRA 300 models in Europe that were not available in the UK. I prefer the European version as do a lot of people on this forum. Why can’t we spec them as the cars are all built on the same factory line?

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  6. seatgraham

    seatgraham Active Member

    Feb 14, 2012
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    Agree with both points - although I believe some other European countries don't get all the kit that's standard on UK versions....

    In terms of brand awareness, finance etc - the Cupraofficial.co.uk site could do with updating.
    There was a configurator on the Cupra site, but now seems to have disappeared - for Leon Cupra at least.
    And nowhere obvious to locate prices, brochures etc for all Cupra models.
    Most info is available on the SEAT website, but the Cupra site should be the place for Cupra customers to find out about the sub brand. And the brand experience is a bit disjointed at the moment.

    Cars coming - there seems to be a lot of interest online in performance, modding and so on - as @theoldboy covered.
    The brand seems to be emphasising electric - and maybe needs clarity on the high performance side. That said, the marketing seems to indicate that it's not all about performance - maybe an area to promote along the lines of @theoldboy 's suggestions.
  7. Slickric21

    Slickric21 Active Member

    Feb 23, 2019
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    My question would be why does the UK miss out options wise on the special edition cars.

    Recent examples.
    Carbon Edition: EU gets Kessy, Sunroof, ACC.
    UK gets none of those.

    Cupra R ST: EU gets ACC,Driver Assistance packs - Lane Assist,High Beam Assist, Beats Audio.
    UK gets none of those.
  8. Diggler

    Diggler Active Member

    Feb 9, 2019
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    Better visibility of the order status of your vehicle. Phoning up the Customer Services department each week to be told no update is a bit last century. They should have a look at a more modern Industry 4.0 solution where you can see each stage of your vehicle as it moves through the process.
    Better communication and the reasons for delays would provide a better customer experience.
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  9. PhilYerBoots

    PhilYerBoots Active Member

    Jan 1, 2008
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    +1 for Dirk Diggler's comments.

    VW for example have a very good online service for customers. Once you register and enter your order ref. you can find out what stage your car is at during the build/delivery process without the need to bother busy dealers or customer service depts.

    Also agree that the spec differences between EU and UK models needs addressing.
  10. seatgraham

    seatgraham Active Member

    Feb 14, 2012
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    My colleague ordered a vw and got postcards from the car!
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  11. Wings988

    Wings988 Active Member

    Oct 27, 2011
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    The Cupra Leon needs to look distinctively sporty and not the same as the SEAT FR versions. I totally get that FR buyers like a sporty looking car similar to Cupra but Cupra buyers don't want a car barely distinguishable from the FR version. Side skirts should be standard, as should a reasonable rear spoiler/front splitter, I'm not talking Civic Type R levels but enough to distinguish the Cupra, think more like i30N.
    Keep the good PCP/Lease deals as currently available on the Cupra 290 and previously 280/300. Keep a spare wheel. Make the standard seats more supportive, deeper bolsters required, the seats on the Cupra should be unique to Cupra and more sporty.
    Offer Cupra only colours, something nice and bright instead of lots of shades of grey/white/black.
    A switchable exhaust valve would be nice, quiet mode for low speed, opens up when revved hard.
  12. andycupra

    andycupra status subject to change

    Aug 18, 2003
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    The original cupra brand had cars that stood out, that were clearly different to non-cupras. I remember the first time i saw a MK1 leon cupra and straight away wanted one.
    Now they drive past and unless you are really in the know its not that easy to see the difference. (and this is speaking from a long term SCN poster)
    I was really positive when i saw the news about the cupra brand being its own entity within the seat brand, but i have been very disappointed. I see a cupra brand that offers expensive upgrades, pushing it in the same league as more prestige marks (we need to be honest) and the car on the street simply doesnt deliver on this in terms of curb appeal.
    and the brown/bronze colouring, maybe i am not at the cutting edge of design, but i would pay good money for this NOT to be on my car. It looks like someone has made a misjudgement modding their car.

    I'm not proposing a hash job like with the latest honda models that look like they have developed three times as many mods as they intended but decided to stick them all on the car anyway, but the cupra brand should clearly stand out, have curb appeal and turn heads.

    and please, offer some more interesting colour options.
  13. Lctr

    Lctr Active Member

    Jun 10, 2018
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    Sort the dealers out there useless ,had my car two years , two sevices later there hopeless, if the car hadn't been so good I would of moved on by now.
  14. thanks all - closed for reply's now
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