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Dann's Leon Cupra 290 - Dynamic Grey

Discussion in 'Readers Rides (SEAT)' started by Dannnnn, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Dannnnn

    Dannnnn Full Member

    Dec 9, 2018
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    I'm fairly new here so thought I'd stick up a thread for my new Cupra.

    After 4 years of owning a BMW E90 335i, an increase in my mileage made me look at newer and more efficient cars (BMW averaged 20-22mpg on my commute and needed warranty as it was unreliable #N54life). Combined with a new born baby (born 01/01/19) we decided that a hatch would be more practical than the saloon BMW.

    My 335i:



    So I sold the 335i and got on the hunt for a Leon Cupra.

    I found a few but most sold quite quickly or were too far away, so when one popped up in Kent with little description (Grey, 1 owner, x miles) and no photos on AT, I gave the dealer a ring and got the ball rolling.

    I knew that I wanted a white one, so the first question was "what colour grey is it? Is it the dark or light one". 10 mins later I had a phone call back saying it was in fact the light "Dynamic Grey".......Perfect.

    After a few more calls and chats with the dealer I decided I would put a deposit down to make sure it was mine.

    A week or so later I jumped on a train for the 3.5hr trip from Portsmouth to Kent and bought it.

    Seat Leon Cupra 290 Black
    6spd DSG
    17,000 miles






    So far I've given it a wash and a seal and just been driving it.
    First impressions are very good. It's great fun, bloody fast and the DSG farts are brilliant (Especially through the "local" Hindhead tunnel). It's a completely beast to the BMW which was low, more comfortable and you'd just waft around on the torque, although losing a clutch pedal is a revelation for my commute and having the switchable suspension is brilliant too. So far I'm very impressed and don't miss the BMW....well maybe the 6cyl noise....

    Things planned are:
    Fit private number plate
    Machine Polish/Full wheels off detail + Carpet and Seat clean
    Dogbone Insert
    Strut Brace
    Michelin PS4s
    Aero Skirts
    TRC Splitter
    Reiger Diffuser
    New exhaust tips (RS3/RS4 or Golf R)
    Update MIB2
    DSG paddle extensions
    LED upgrades
    Some more black bits..
    Maybe DSG remap
    Some coding bits
  2. Sharpy

    Sharpy Full Member

    Oct 2, 2018
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    Nice. Literally just read your post on DW about this and was about to post on there as well! Great cars and as you note they can be made to look really good with some minor mods.
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  3. Seastormer

    Seastormer Cupra 280/CBF1000

    Apr 25, 2014
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    Very nice looking motor, will be looking forward to see the changes you have planned. Check out the oldboy's thread for how you could go and see how "The Beast from the East" was created.
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  4. wms_F1

    wms_F1 Full Member

    Jul 10, 2018
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    Lovely 290 you have there! Looking forward to the updates!
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