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Did Porlock in it

Discussion in 'Ateca' started by Tell, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Tell

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    Jun 27, 2004
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    Just to prove that my Ateca 190 DSG could do Porlock, UKs greatest incline, 25 percent, did it once for a joy ride and again the following day. Didn't get above 2nd first time, 3rd second time taking it faster. Due to sharp bends you don't get much of a speed up and obviously this is where it gets towing caravans without the umf that loose momentum. Did think afterwards would have been a good test of hill start if I had to stop. Going down hill, decent was well controlled by the DSG, it selected 2nd, bit of braking by me.

    No problems except when a tree at the top dumped a load of water and took out front assist although my second theory is marine radar on the Bristol Channel. I lost blind spot on the second day at this location but had been on muddy roads. Feels a bit like coincidence given that front assist failed again without a tree dumping water or anything else at the top of Porlock before the return.
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