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Dogbone Discussion

Discussion in 'Modifications and Styling' started by Jake_LHX, Feb 11, 2020 at 3:26 PM.

  1. Jake_LHX

    Jake_LHX Active Member

    Jan 9, 2020
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    I know this has been done to death and there is plenty of searching that can be done on the topic, but I'm wondering how people are getting on with the different solutions out there.

    Does anyone have experience of both the 034/Forge insert VS the plastic Powerflex type? Does one or the other seem to cause less NVH? Does one or the other wear the OEM mount down any more than the other?

    Lots of topics comment on the metal inserts bending and wearing down the OEM mount excessively.

    What would the recommended solution be for someone wanting the best value + best durability?

    Thanks all

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