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Finally intro'd

Discussion in 'INTRODUCTIONS - New Members' started by Trustrike7, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Trustrike7

    Trustrike7 Guest

    Hello all, been signed up for a while now jst never made a post cause I'm a lazy mofo, my life story's so far:8 months ago picked up my first motor 250 quid, mk2 ibiza 1.4, never heard of them perfect first car, ragged the tits off it, killed the clutch, harsh I know taught me some lessons. This car Mede me discover the mk2 cupra sport, which I bought I month ago, now this car I clean every 1-2 weeks, gets an oil change every 5000 and wait for the oil to hit 80 till I give it a bit, and I actually drive more sensible in it, I adore this car! Fully standard in black with mental tiger striped interior which is mint, forgot to mention its a 16v. I prefer older cars and prefer 90 s square look, I'm 19 still in first year of driving but been messing about with cars for longer than 8 months, now I love the power of the car but like everybody told me it has left me wanting more, now I could spend thousands on flowed head, tb's and cams ect, or do a f.d tweak with the lightened flywheel, so I either spunk loads of cash or completely **** the car going down the motorway ect, so is their any point of doing either of the mods or just saving for a car that already has the power there, I do love this car though, looks, drive and style, and I love the fact I'm young (I don't drive like a ****) and 25 plus year old are in certain bimmers ect and I can still give them a run for there money, the look on the faces, respectable driving though never a full on race, but one thing that really gets on my tits, is the fact that older **** nuts in ctr's that can't get better cars at the age, have that slight advantage and I want to able to blow the wheels off their car and their faces off, but it looks like the only options are 2 I mentioned earlier, correct? Sorry about the stupidly long post and paragraph, still learning, dave:D
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  2. Trustrike7

    Trustrike7 Guest

    just realised this is in the completly wrong forum, late night last night, will sort out later
  3. Brummy

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    Mar 6, 2005
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    ** Moved ;)
  4. Trustrike7

    Trustrike7 Guest

    thanks, sorry bout the mess, maybe a quick visit though, dont think people have taking to my style!


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