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Finding Badger5 Workshop-Address & Directions

Discussion in 'Badger5' started by ibizacupra, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. ibizacupra

    ibizacupra Jack-RIP my little Friend
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    Address :
    Badger5 Ltd
    Unit 2b
    Queen Annes Gate
    Oldends Lane
    GL10 2DG

    Tel: 07976 800775 or 01453 827936
    email: sales@badger5.co.uk

    GOOGLE MAPS: clicky>> http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&s...oid=_psYLvcohzRmfkCcI7b-Pg&cbp=12,104.48,,1,5

    Directions: J13/M5, A419 t'wards Stroud and Stonehouse.
    1st roundabout off M5, straight over (shell station, little chef)
    next roundabout take 1st exit onto Oldends Lane
    look right and you will see SKF Bearings
    200yds you will see a gate on rhs, Queen Annes Gate, with A1 Building Maintenance banner on the fence.
    Turn in there, and look left... at the top of the yard is a giant square white Badger5 sign.
    you have arrived.

    Beware Tomtom postcode takes you 3/4 mile past and over a railway level crossing..


    Bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.. 2000sqft approx



    3 Ramps, one of them baseless for uber low cars
    Welding/fabrication corner with mig/tig/stainless/aluminium fabrication now :)

    Dastek/Sunram Dyno 750bhp rated, 2WD, Dyno Days welcomed


    Office 4mtrx4mtr, toilet and small kitchen with very important kettle.
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