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Fog Lamp Wiring Harness

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk4 (2002-2008)' started by L14M_T, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. L14M_T

    L14M_T THE JOYS OF A 1200cc

    Jan 14, 2009
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    i have found this retrofit harness for a 9N polo can anyone confirm that they are the same as the 6L ibiza as ive bought the switch and fitted the foglamps to the bumper. http://www.carmediauk.com/store/111-VW-Polo-9N-Fog-Light-Wiring-Harness.html and if anyones wondering if im gonna update the topic of blanking off the EGR valve on the AZQ 1.2 engines im in the progress off updating it.
  2. bushyj

    bushyj Guest

    hi mate did this harness work ?
  3. Guinness

    Guinness Finally got the BMW

    Nov 29, 2006
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    seat do a fog lamp retro fitting kit. It is very easy to fit and not expensive. That harness is the same one I think. The little plug connects into the light switch plug.

    You will also need a switch unit for a fog lamp kit. ie one that pulls out to turn the fog lamps on!

    2 fog lamps as well.
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