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Gallery of SeatCupra.Net's Best Mk1 Leons, Past + Present

Discussion in 'Leon Mk1 (2000-2006)' started by DPJ, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. DPJ

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    SeatCupra.Net members produce threads detailing the development of their cars, illustrated with many pictures. These are in the Readers' Rides section.

    Here is an index of the very best Mk1 Leons, past and present. Click the links to open the relevant threads.

    [8bit's Leon Cupra R - "Scarlett"
    Allan's Black Leon Cupra 20VT
    Ape's Mk1 Stage 2 LCR Track Project
    Armo's lunar grey leon 20vt cupra
    Ben (leon cupra r)'s Leon Cupra R!
    BoomhaueR's stage 2 murdered Cupra R
    chris toone's 300bhp Leon Cupra R with Custom Code VVT Attack
    Chris' LCR
    ChrisGTL's Ebony Black LCR225 APR Stage 1
    Cupra Kev's LCR
    cupra-barn's 2001 Leon Cupra
    D.K's LCR, Project Carbon
    dan (s1 pru) Black cupra R
    Dave_PH's stage 2 cupra r
    deadmau5 (Project Stormtrooper part 2)
    DPJ's 365bhp Silver Leon Cupra GT
    Engimaneer's Yellow Submarine
    Faisal's Liquid Yellow Cupra R - Stage 2
    G1NG3R's Black LC
    Gezmeister's Leon Cupra
    GlanzaV - Mk1 LCR 210 (Return to New)
    GORDZ's Platinum Grey Mk1 Leon TDI 110
    Greesha's Leon Cupra
    Hartys Stunning Platinum Grey LCR
    Hoggy's Leon TDI
    Irie's MK1 Leon 1.6 S
    Jake's project stormtrooper
    JamJay's Ovni Yellow LCR
    JonJay's mk1 Platinum Leon FR
    JonnyP's Black LCR 210 - "OEM+ Wannabe"
    kenny-cupra's 2002 silver leon cupra
    LEE69's RR thread
    Leon's Revo stage 1 LCR
    Lodgey 180's Ovni BFT Tuned LCR
    Mark Wales 175+ BHP LEON CUPRA TDI
    Mashburns Flash Red LCR!
    Mo Arif's 2002 Pre-Facelift Mk1 Black Magic Leon Cupra
    NICK C - Magic Black TDI AIR N STANCE!!!
    paul26982's Leon Cupra Project (Round 2)
    Phil's GT2X powered Cupra
    Phoenix27's Project BlueShift
    Poliqs Black Leon Cupra 4 TDI - "The Snow Plough"
    Probee's Beautiful Red GT2871R LCR
    RDS's Leon Cupra R
    Richard’s (super electric) Ovni Yellow LCR
    Robbie's Mk1 LCR with loads of goodies.
    RobDon's Fabulous Blue Leon
    rs-tuner's Cupra track car
    Sals Leon Cupra
    Sam's black LCR trying for perfection
    Sam's boost leak machine
    seanaldo1987's QUAIFE EQUIPPED Leon Cupra R
    Skorchio's LCR - 293 bhp 313 ft/lb
    Songman`s JABBA IHI powered LCR
    t0m's 05 Platinum LCR 225
    The Doctors Leon Cupra R
    Torred1771's 1.4S
    Tris's Readers Ride Thread
    Wayn'es LCR
    Willie's LCR light weight edition
    lodeys OEM+ Leon
    Alyravers Leon FR+ TDi

    Whitts 1m 210 LCR
    Josh's FR tdi, silver and black
    Deej's stage 2 LCR 294bhp AmD tuned
    Bruce’s Platinum Grey Leon FR TDi remapped
    bigT's Mk1 lcr project
    Sparkie's Mk1 LCR Black Edition

    To get your car in this list, see here
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  2. DPJ

    DPJ ...........

    Dec 13, 2004
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    Updated :)
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