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Gallery of SeatCupra.Net's Best Mk4 Ibizas, Past + Present

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk4 (2002-2008)' started by DPJ, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. DPJ

    DPJ ...........

    Dec 13, 2004
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    SeatCupra.Net members produce threads detailing the development of their cars, illustrated with many pictures. These are in the Readers' Rides section.

    Here is an index of the very best Mk4 Ibizas, past and present. Click the links to open the relevant threads.

    Ad Lav's Ibiza.
    Adam_'s Ibiza FR TDI
    Aimez's FR TDI
    Alex's Candy White Ibiza Fr
    Alexz360's Emotion Red 1.2
    Altech's Mk4 PD170 Ibiza
    AndrewJB's Old Ibiza 1.4TDI Reference Sport
    Bean's Silver TDI MK4
    BeezaDave's Mk4 Ibiza
    Ben's Stage 2 Black Magic FR
    BKR's 20vT cupra
    Blanco92's Glacier Blue Ibiza Mk4 1.2
    Chino's Emocion Red Ibiza FR 20VT
    Cos' Mk4 Ibiza 20VT FR "Silver Surfer"
    Damoegan's mk4 20VT Ibiza Cupra
    Dan1720v - Black Mk4 Ibiza TDI
    Daves MK4 Ibiza FR PD130 - Work in progress
    Dervpower's Ibiza 1.9Tdi Sport.
    Ed_Sutch - Mk4 Ibiza Cupra
    flegz's black ibiza mk4 cupra tdi
    fuzzy232's Ovni Ibiza Sport PD130 Project!
    G.K's Ibiza Cupra TDI
    Gareth's Ibiza Mk4 1.2sx
    Gooner_Mike's Mk4 Ibiza FR 20vt
    Greg J's white mk4 sportrider
    Guinness's MK4 Arctic Silver 1.9 TDi
    Hartosh1's Grey MK4 Ibiza Cupra 1.8T
    ians red sportrider
    Ibiza 130 tdi's Black Hybrid
    iBiza MK4 (SWAP TDI to 20VT) | Barcelona
    IbizaChills Mk4 1.2
    JaCko's 1.2 mk4 Ibiza (the whip)
    Jeppy's Zenith Grey Ibiza SR
    Jimski's Yellow Mk4 Ibiza FR TDi
    jonny mcc's Silver Tdi Sport (PD130)
    Knight85's Silver MK4 TDI FR
    Lc4geoff's FR TDI
    Luap's Platinum Grey 54 plate Ibiza Cupra Mk4 Tdi
    Luke c ibiza fr 1.8t
    Markie68's Candy White FR with black bits
    Marks Candy White FR with black bits
    Matt Fennell - MK4 Black Magic Ibiza
    Maverick's MK4 Ibiza Sport
    Maverick08's MK4 Ibiza TDI
    mick-fr's Ibiza FR TDi
    Mickylad's Candy White Ibiza TDi:
    Neil g's 03 Glacier Blue PD130
    NickyJam's Zenith 5dr Mk4 FR TDi
    oneofthetwins mk4 1.4
    Pabs Platinum mk4 Ibiza Cupra.
    Pee yellow FR
    Phil's FR TDi
    Phillpotts' Grey Mk4 Ibiza
    R1ch85's Hybrid Ibiza Cupra 20VT
    Random1989's Seat Ibiza FR 20VT
    rashcupra's 349bhp mk4 cupra
    Rocky's mk4
    Rod the sod - black hybrid mk 4 ibiza
    Russ_TDI's Ibiza PD300 TDI build
    Sam's Grey Seat Ibiza, Few subtle mods done
    Sarahfr Black Ibiza 1.9 TDI FR
    Scott's Candy White FR
    Scott's Mk4 Ibiza Cupra 20vt Build thread
    ScottHmk4's (Red Ibiza 1.2 12v--Cupra Replica+More)
    Screwedskull's Black Magic Bezza
    Stezo2k's 'Volcano Red' MK4 5 Door Ibiza
    Strykezero Black 1.9TDi SE
    StueeyB's Ibiza FR TDI MK4 Project
    Tazb's Mk4 Ibiza cupra tdi
    thePHILosipher FR TDi
    Thomasa`s blue 180 Tdi Pd Sport
    Tom.'s 245bhp TDI 5 door.
    Uzi's Mk4 Cupra Tdi...Stage 3 project
    Veyron's Ibiza MK4 1.2 S
    Wenman's Mk4 Ibiza FR
    Wilber's Mk4 Beeza
    Will's amazing 1.2 lol
    zach's platinum tdi
    Zappas Ibiza - 1.2 SX
    Zlash's Mk.4 Glacier Blue Ibiza 1.4 S!

    To get your car in this list, see here
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  2. DPJ

    DPJ ...........

    Dec 13, 2004
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    Updated :)
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