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Discussion in 'Arosa' started by Joooe10, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Joooe10

    Joooe10 Guest

    Hi, my arosa's gears are stiff when they are being put into gear. What do you think the problem could be? Is there a solution?
  2. Max69vk

    Max69vk Guest

    Have you checked the linkages on the gearbox are properly greased & lubricated? If these are ok check the clutch is actually adjusted properly, failing that check the box oil. Hope you get it sorted :)
  3. Joooe10

    Joooe10 Guest

    Hi, thanks. Do you know where the oil box is located? Thanks
  4. Max69vk

    Max69vk Guest

    To check the oil level in the box you need to make sure the car is on a level surface, there is a large hex/allen bolt in the side of the box that needs to be undone to check the oil, which basically should be at the level of the plug. If the oil doesn't leak out when its undone top it up till it starts to trickle out & screw the plug back in.

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