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Glovebox light

Discussion in 'Ateca' started by mpk490p, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. mpk490p

    mpk490p Active Member

    Oct 19, 2014
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    Cars just been in for a service and my wife noticed the glovebox light was on with the door shut, seems to go off when I lock the car, is this normal? Didn’t know if that had knocked something whilst doing the cabin filter (presuming it’s around there)
    Thanks in advance

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  2. Tell

    Tell Full Member

    Jun 27, 2004
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    It has been a debating point on the other board a while ago. Reckon their isn't a micro switch and it's always powered on when in standby mode then times out as you say. I've never dragged off the glove box... those that have may be better placed.

    Hmm the Erwin electrical system manual for the Ateca does cover it having a switch

    Ateca 2017 ➤
    Electrical system - Edition 07.2016

    Page 190.

    2.11 Removing and installing glove compart‐
    ment light switch - E26-
    – Turn off the ignition and all electricity consumers.
    Vehicles without access and start authorisation system
    – Remove ignition key, if fitted.
    Vehicles with access and start authorisation system
    – Store the ignition key outside the vehicle to prevent the ignition
    from being switched on unintentionally.
    Continuation for all vehicles
    – Remove glove compartment ⇒ General body repairs, interior;
    Rep. gr. 68 ; Compartments/covers; Removing and installing
    glove compartment .
    – Undo the retaining clamps -arrows- and remove the glove
    compartment light switch -1-.
    Installation is carried out in reverse order.

    So there is suppose to be a switch in there although as said mine seems to be on alot. May be the plastic flexes and it stays on or the design was changed. Dropping down the glove box is now covered in the user manual. It wasn't for the first six months of production which was another debating point on the pull and push motion. That will reveal what is going on.

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