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Guide - How to change GTI 8v Crank Sensor

Discussion in 'Mk2 Ibiza/Cordoba Guides (6K) 1993-1999' started by vngtx, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. vngtx

    vngtx Guest

    Firstly you will need:

    13mm spanner
    10mm spanner
    16mm spanner
    17mm spanner
    5mm allen key socket
    8mm allen key socket
    1/2" ratchet
    3/8" ratchet
    Hydraulic jack or engine support

    Step 1 : Take positive battery terminal off with 10mm spanner.
    Step 2 : Undo 13mm nut under the wiring holder ontop of the starter motor.
    Step 3 : Support engine.
    Step 4 : Undo 13mm nut for power steering bracket support on bottom starter motor bolt
    Step 5 : Undo both top and bottom starter motor bolts with 16mm spanner and 3rd bottom bolt with 17mm spanner (may be 16mm)
    Step 6 : Push starter motor out of way of engine
    Step 7 : With 8mm allen key socket on 1/2" ratched, undo bottom engine mount bolt on subframe
    Step 8 : Remove bottom half of front mounting and jack engine until you can move the top half of the mounting to the side
    Step 9 : with 5mm allen key undo the bolt to the top right of crank sensor.
    Step 10 : Turn sensor left to right while pulling to remove. Unplug wire.
    Step 11 : Rebuild in reverse order. Must align starter motor bolts up with mounting using jack to fit it back on.
  2. ahmedfoxo

    ahmedfoxo Guest

    thnxz maaaaaan
  3. ahmedfoxo

    ahmedfoxo Guest

    but i wanna to konw what is happen when this sensor is faild to do its jop

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