hard to start when warm (after about 10 mins)

Discussion in 'Alhambra' started by preece3, Jul 26, 2011.

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    hello all

    i have a problem we went out to day in our seat, it is 2004 2.0 petrol. when we came back to the car park after about a hour the car was hard to start, it took about three good goes and when it did start the reves went up to about 2500. it felt like the choke was stuck on!! not sure though any ideas how to fix??
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    Hi Preece. I just joined this forum to post the very same problem. I have the same year and model. My car has been doing this for a few months now but the problem is getting progressively worse. I used to fix it by opening the bonnet for a few minutes, then the car would start fine.I also notice that when i start it warn, the revs go up but the temp guage is showing cold, which is clearly inaccurate. I think this is a problem linked to a faulty sensor or problem with Auto choke. Sensor is cheapest to start with, so i have ordered a new one and will let you know result. If you have found a solution, please let me know. Its driving me mad.
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    Could be the starter motor. I have heard of these getting corroded and then having problems starting the car again when it is warm

    May be worth getting it scanned on VAGCOM to see if there are any sensor faults first
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    Get it scanned, punting in the dark changing bits & pieces hoping to fix the problem can soon get very expensive & you have replaced parts that did not need replacing!
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    Coolant Temperature Sensor is the most likely suspect
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    I had the same proplem with mine hard to start when warm in the end stop working It was down to the realy number 30

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