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Hello, and here's a moan.Toledo 2.0 PD DSG

Discussion in 'MK3 Toledo' started by wallacebob, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. wallacebob

    wallacebob Guest

    Hi, I'm new, so hello!
    Straight into a moan: I bought a 55 Toledo 2.0 PD DSG in Jan, 11k miles and good condition. I've done 20k more miles since then and generally like the car, loads of space and good mile cruncher. A bit on/off with the power, but the DSG in auto helps that.
    BUT... I noticed a vibration which felt like wheel balance. Needed new tyres anyway so got that all done. Still vibration, so down to SEAT dealer for check up. They said wheel bearing worn, so will replace under warranty. Long story, (mechanic ill, wrong parts, not covered by warranty they thought, etc, etc) but three weeks later they managed to fix it FOC. Following week I got a call - come back in, the CV boot needs replacing. A bit annoyed as I was then in Aberdeen! Couldn't get back until three weeks, so they gave me assurances that it was a small problem, and not to worry. By this time vibration was back, but worse. I phoned them, not to worry they said.
    So....today I took car in to get CV boot fitted, and joked that it would probably need a new CV joint or drive shaft this time. Phone call this afternoon, needs new Turbo!
    Am I jinxed? Is this a lemon? The dealer is new to SEAT, but is large dealership with Vauxhall, etc franchises so I have to assume they know what they are doing. My Octavia was VERY reliable (120k no probs) and dealer first class. Should I have stayed with Skoda?
  2. wallacebob

    wallacebob Guest


    Since last moan I' ve had enough of SEAT.
    I took Toledo to my old SKODA dealer for a service. I told them about "wheel bearing" noise. They pointed out that the alignment of the wheels seemed badly out, and very unusual tyre wear.
    I fitted new tyres to rear, noise disappeared! But they checked the whel alignment anyway. Comment on worksheet was " badly out of spec front wheel alignment, and " badly out of spec rear wheel camber". car now handles well, and is quiet. Cost £58, bargain.
    Why can't SEAT do things properly? The dealer didn't even try to fix it. Suppose that's because they are also V/Hall dealers.
  3. Lambfoot

    Lambfoot Guest

    So that the rest of us can avoid this "dealer", whereabouts in the world are you? I don't expect you to name him, but we could guess just from your location. A SEAT dealer quite close to me is also a Vauxhall dealer.

  4. wallacebob

    wallacebob Guest

    Sorry for late reply, I've moved house.
    Dealer was in a city in Cumbria, hope that's not too vague!
    Further to my moans in previous posts, my wifes Octavia needed a rear wheel bearing and since I was working in C*rlisle that week I tried the Skoda dealer there. They were superb, and just as good as my regular dealer.
    As I paid the bill I noticed SEAT posters behind reception - they used to be dealers! They still do used sales, servicing, parts and warranty work. So if you're in Cumbria or S.Scotland try Telfords at Kingstown estate, opp ASDA. It is a bit annoying that they are almost round the corner from the cowboys that SEAT sent me to.
    I am going to give them a call this week, still got a vibe at front under acceleration. Hope they can sort it out.
  5. Lambfoot

    Lambfoot Guest

    Thanks Wallacebob,

    Not vague in the least, I know exactly who you mean.
    Just around the corner from Telfords, in Parkhill Road, is an independant garage called Autotech. Highly recommended.

  6. wallacebob

    wallacebob Guest

    Last update:
    Further problems with rear alignment going out of true, and shredded tyres by the way! Had to get the whole car re-aligned at body shop - well out of line -again.
    Front suspension is starting to knock at low speeds over bumps: friend who had Golf plus had this shortly before suspension collapsed.
    Last service 60k - "you will need new pads and maybe discs next service".
    As I can now see bill for 4 tyres, cam belt, pads, discs and what else, I've had enough. I love the car when it works well, but it is too problematic for high mileage drivers. So it is going and I'm getting laughable money for it.
    Never SEAT again.

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